Whale Submarine

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2 hours 30 mins
09:00 AM - 08:00 PM
09:00 AM
11:30 AM
Second-time visit
120.00 USD

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Whale Submarine can hardly be described as a sight of Male, but it’s a popular excursion. I's not a submarine for whale watching but for observing life on a reef.

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Why Whale Submarine is special ?

Whale Submarine is designed and constructed in Karlsrhue, Germany under the strict regulations of the American Bureau of Shipping and Bureau Veritas and is capable of carrying 50 passengers to a dive depth of 150 meters. Whale submarine is currently the world's deep diving largest tourist submarine in existence. So far this submarine has performed more than 2000 dives safely. The cabin of the submarine is fully air-conditioned and has a normal atmospheric pressure and thus you breath normal air. Whale Submarine has redundant safety features to ensure the safest, most comfortable ride, and is operated by a fully trained and certified team of French and local pilots.

Source: http://www.visitmaldives.info/

What to explore at Whale Submarine?

On board the submarine you will descend to a submerged reef 40 meters beneath the surface. However the first stop is at 25 meters where you will see a colorful display of corals and different types of reef fish. In most of the dives the submarine is greeted by a school of blue or yellow-stripped Snappers. Common Lionfish, Yellow Box Fish and turtles are usually found here.

Next stop at 40 meters is yet another type of coral garden and depending on current the submarine will be beached on a sandy spot just close to a big cave. The exterior lights of the submarine will enable you to see the different types of fish taking shelter inside the cave. Occasionally White Tip Reef Sharks and Napoleons are sighted here. If you are lucky you may be able to see one of the biggest Groupers in the Maldives here on this location. This 2 meter long Giant Grouper frequents this area and is totally devoid of fear for the submarine.

Source: http://www.visitmaldives.info/

How to get to Whale Submarine?

The head office of Whale Submarine Maldives is located in Male.

When you make booking through the resort/hotel or booking at the airport counter, you will be transferred direct to the submarines floating dry-dock called 'Whale House'. A special area in the 'Whale House' is designated for passengers and here you will be served refreshments and wet tissues.

Source: http://www.visitmaldives.info/

Selling points

  • Multi colored variety of fishes
  • Amazing under sea experience
  • Great way to see the under sea life
  • Such a beautiful underwater life
  • A glimpse of the deep blue Indian Ocean
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Shabnam Magu Male 20089 Maldives

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Tips for you

  • There is no restroom on the submarine and therefore you are requested to use the rest room on the' Whale House' before boarding the submarine.
  • If you stay in a resort/hotel that provides this service as an in-house excursion, you can do a booking through the front desk or reception.
    Things to do
  • Make sure you take your camera with you and never miss any surprise encounter with a shark or maybe a giant grouper or the protected Napoleons now feared for extinction.
  • Depending on time of the day, current and many other factors the submarine may dive on some historical sites such as a shipwreck or a more exciting place like a shark feeding area or just another beautiful reef.
    What to know
  • If your resort/hotel does not provide this service, just call them at 33 39 39 to make a reservation and they will make arrangements to pick you up from the resort provided that you are staying at a close by resort.
  • While you relax on the' Whale House', they will issue the tickets. Payments have to be made direct to the counter here and all major credit cards are accepted.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • The ticket price for kids is US$60. Children under 3 years old will not be allowed to join in this excursion.
    Ticket and Pricing


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Visit the Coral Reef without getting wet like to be inside an aquarium, book a trip with Whale Submarine and enjoy a dive to 200' below the ocean in a submarine. Our dive started with a boat ride at 5:30 PM and arriving at the submarine base at 6:00 PM, the sub was built in Germany for a Turkish billionaire before being purchased and located in the Maldives, it seats 50 people and has large windows allowing 2 people access to a window so lots of opportunity to see all sorts of marine life, we chose a night dive which I believe provided a better viewing experience since the sub is equipped with powerful floodlights which show the marine life and coral in vivid colour. The dive lasted about 50 minutes and while the cost of $120 USD per person might seem high, I would consider it to be good value and a sight not to be missed.

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