Wat Phnom

Attraction Street 96 | Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Wat Phnom is the legendary founding place of the city. The active Wat sits on top of a hill which is with its 27m the highest rise in Phnom Penh.

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Why Wat Phnom is special ?

Set on top of a 27m-high tree-covered knoll, Wat Phnom is on the only ‘hill’ in town. According to legend, the first pagoda on this site was erected in 1373 to house four statues of Buddha deposited here by the waters of the Mekong River and discovered by Madame Penh. The main entrance to Wat Phnom is via the grand eastern staircase, which is guarded by lions and naga (mythical serpent) balustrades.

Today, many people come here to pray for good luck and success in school exams or business affairs. When a wish is granted, the faithful return to deliver on the offering promised, such as a garland of jasmine flowers or a bunch of bananas, of which the spirits are said to be especially fond.

What to explore at Wat Phnom?

Wat Phnom is a standard Southeast Asian wat, with a bell-shaped chedi and Naga snakes decorating the corners of the roof.

Inside are bright modern murals that just about glow in the dark, depicting the lives of the Buddha and other stories. The central ceiling has not yet been restored and retains its original aging murals.

Young salesmen near the temple like to sell tourists the chance to earn some Buddhist merit by releasing a caged bird. Customers who hang around long enough will get to see the bird returning to its cage shortly thereafter

Source: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/cambodia/phnom-penh-wat-phnom

Selling points

  • “Nice to walk around”
  • “Beautiful temple in the hill”
  • “Highest Point in Phnom Penh”
  • “land mark of Phanom Penh”
  • “A temple with a difference”
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Street 96 | Norodom Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • The Wat Phnom can be accessed easily with taxis ,ranmork (tuk tuks) and,motorbike taxi.
  • Would recommend the climb up even on hot days.
    Things to do
  • People coming and going from the wat, having a picnic, playing hacky sack ball or playing music - and vendors selling drinks, food and souvenirs.
    Things to do
  • The elephant ride is available to serve you.
  • Foreigners paid just $ 1 to enter , must dressed properly to enter the main temple.
    What to wear
  • You always see lot's of locals coming there to either pray or to celebrate religious festivals.
  • The best time to visit here are during morning time
  • Be prepared to be annoyed by beggars, drink sellers, street kids and a multitude of other folks hoping to cash in on your visit.


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What an amazing place! Beautiful drawings covet the entire interior and a man stands by the entrance handing out insense sticks. Once you've done your praying the view from outside is beautiful and you can see lots of the city as its quite high up and in the centre. Well worth the entrance fee and a visit.

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May consider to visit this place for a walk. There is a park at the bottom of the hill and there are many local people hanging around there. There is some nice artwork in the temple up the hill.

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Good place to spend an hour or so walking around the temple on top of the hillOr just sitting on one of the many park benches and watching the locals and tourist stroll byThere's a few food venders ,a girl I was with bought a few boiled duck eggs there and devoured with much enthusiasmSheesh what I see some of those girls eat........crickets ants rock hard peanutsworth a walk around is Wat Phnom

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We did a little exploring on the day we arrived and wandered around this lovely area. Wat Phnom was peaceful, sitting up high. The surrounding park area was a delight to walk around. There was so much life. People relaxing, pedicures, manicures being done on locals, not tourists. Singing in the rotunda, with school groups joining in and dancing. Monkeys scuttling around looking for food. The cutest little baby monkeys, but we did keep our distance. A magnificent snake was being woven out of cane probably in preparation for the New Year. The skill of the workers was astounding. It was a wonderful first afternoon for us.

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