Wat Pa Phai

Attraction Ban Xiangmen, Luang Prabang, Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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Wat Pa Phai is an ancient temple in Luang Prabang. It's where you can find the peace in yourself.

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Why Wat Pa Phai is special ?

The name Wat Pa Phai means Monastery of the Bamboo Forest. It is not known when Wat Pa Phai was first built since various records put the date differently. According to French historian Henri Parmentier, Wat Pa Phai was built in 1645. However, Luang Prabang historian Chao Khaminanh Vongkot Rattana placed its construction date much later, at 1815.

Wat Pa Phai is one of the most beautiful temples in Luang Prabang. Although is quite small, this place still filled with beauty and originality. The temple is decorated with numerous pictures of Buddha. Wat Pa Phai has quarters for the young monks, who are very polite and friendly with tourists. Over the gilded and carved wooden facade, Wat Pa Phai has a classic Tai–Lao fresco depicting everyday scenes of late 19th-century Lao life.

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What to explore at Wat Pa Phai?

A richly-decorated temple that makes for a wonderful sight. You can meet some of the Buddhist monks here.

The sim is ornately decorated with murals in Lao-Thai style depicting everyday life in Laos. At Wat Pa Phai I struck up a conversation with a couple of friendly novice monks who were eager to practise their English.

Selling points

  • Wonderfull forgotten Temple
  • Well worth a visit
  • One of the best religious site in Luang Pranbang
  • Peaceful and relaxing spot to be here
  • Best French cultural and historical
3 Days in Luang Prabang

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Ban Xiangmen, Luang Prabang, Laos

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Tips for you

  • Do not turn you back on front of Buddha
  • Bring more money for donation charity
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  • Wearing appropriate dresses
    What to wear
  • Do not wearing a short clothes
    What to wear
  • Must be keep slince when you enter there
  • Must be respect all terms of temple
  • Best French cultural and historical
  • Remember to leave your shoes when you insite
  • At the end of the day, there are religious ceremonies with demonstrations outstanding sound. Remember to watching


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This temple is interesting for its brightness and that - and the lack of tourists - a few here will reach the truth flip side - the monk lead their lives here - and although it is loyal and friendly - less-visited louts like this one slightly different in the aura of the place of mass pilgrimage tourists - because the monks, too different attitudes - anyone with an interest and who are a little afraid of tourists and deep in thought but overall impression is positive.

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