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Attraction Wat Luang 13 Pakse Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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Wat Luang is located on the Se Don River near the bridge in Pakse in Laos. Wat Luang is probably the most important temple in Pakse.

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Why Wat Luang Temple is special ?

Wat Luang is the main temple within the center of Pakse. It lies on the banks of the Se Don river just near the main bridge over the river and to the airport. The temple was established in 1935 and also serves as a Buddhist (sangha) colleges as well. The old building that houses the college is one of the more interesting in the temple compound. The carved plaster decorations are quite fanciful.

 Wat Luang temple has a functioning school for monks; studies include courses in English, Business Management, and Cultural Studies. There is a library on the premises as well as magnificent river views. This Wat may accept foreign volunteers.

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What to explore at Wat Luang Temple?

There are several funerary reliquaries lining the front of the compound. The largest of these houses the ashes of a former prime minister from pre-revolutionary times.

It has some wonderful paintings in the main temple which are been recently restored.  Best to visit early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight catches the colours bes for some stunning photographs.

This Wat is just a short walk from the center of Pakse. Every morning at sunrise monks from Wat Luang walk past the river and collect their alms.

Behind the temple there is the Mekon River and the view is tremendous. People enjoy fishing, people commute by a small boat. I spent hours to watch the views.

Selling points

  • “Small and modern temple in Pakse”
  • “View of Mekon River”
  • “Beautiful colours”
  • “Pleasantly surprised”
  • "Great scenic spot"
2 days in Pakse for backpackers

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Wat Luang 13 Pakse Laos

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Tips for you

  • Best time to visit is early morning or sunset time
  • Wat Luang is located on the Se Don River near the bridge in Pakse in Laos
    Things nearby
  • The temple is found next to the Xe Don river, on Route 13 to the airport.
    Things nearby
  • Behind the temple is the river and you can see ordinary life of Lao people
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a small but no less beautiful temple ,not many people which was good as time to really soak up with beautiful detail also the peacefulness There are many temples in Laos but if a temple enthusiasts none never tires of the feeling of quiet , peace ,at one with ones self

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