Wangu Pavilion

Attraction Lion Mountain, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674100, China Published on: 17-09-2016

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Wangu Pavilion is the historical place with the honored atmosphere. You can visit this special place and burn incense to pray good things.

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Why Wangu Pavilion is special ?

Wangu Pavilion has special architecture. Timber homes and domestic buildings of the Naxi minority culture have remained, demonstrating the evolution of architectural styles and building methods over dynastic periods. Han and Qing Dynasty architectural features are also dominant. This includes the timber structure with elaborate arches and roof beams, exterior verandahs, tiled roofs and ornamentation of the building. Decoration was not limited to final colorful paining. Carved wood reflected the cultural influences of local flora, native and mythological animals typically Phoenix and Dragons. The wooden Pavilion was reconstructed in 1997 as part of the Lijiang areas' declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: wikipedia

What to explore at Wangu Pavilion?

Wangu Pavilion sits in park land on Lion Hill. The pavilion is constructed on 16 columns each of 22 meters in height. There are four pairs of stone lions at the four sides of the pavilion and stone stairs leading to its main entrance. The Pavilion's 5 floors are accessed by an interior stairway that opens out on each floor and leads to the top level from which many features of the Li Valley can be viewed. The Pavilion is decorated with 2,300 auspicious patterns, representing 23 ethnic groups living in Lijiang. As an art form, 9,999 dragon patterns are sculpted on the wall of the pavilion. To add one more dragon at the caisson ceiling to reach 10,000, would give the meaning of 10,000”, ever-lasting or eternal prosperity.

Source: wikipedia

How to get to Wangu Pavilion?

Walk along the Sifang Street (四方街) and climb up the stone steps of Lion Hill for about 30 minutes

Selling points

  • Walk up and down
  • Good view if the construction is done
  • Nice pagoda and really nice views on Lijiang
  • Highest point of Lijiang Old Town
  • The best place to see the rooftops of Lijiang Old Town



Lion Mountain, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674100, China

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Tips for you

  • Note that the toilet at the entrance is horrendous - just a tiled gutter with no water and soap for washing hands - plus it stinks. you use a toilet somewhere else
  • There are small shops dotted on the way go to Wangu Pavilion
  • There is an altar on the ground floor for those who wish to light an incense to pray
    Things to do
  • There is no lift so you will need to climb approximately 5 storeys to get to the top
  • You should bring incense in case they don’t buy it at there
    What to bring
  • To the honored place, you should wear polite clothes
    What to wear
  • As the previous reviewer suggested, avoid the monk at the base of the stairs if you don’t want to part with your cash. There’s a similar “scam” at the Black Dragon Pool Park.
  • It is the historical place, you should keep a clean environment
  • This place closes quite early, you should come to visit before 16:00
  • You have to climb the stairs to get there, if you have heart attack, you should be careful.
  • Parking is free
  • When returning to Sifang Square at around 2 p.m., you will see Naxi women dancing in the Sifang Street with some local tourists joining in
  • You can see the top level from which many features of the Li Valley can be viewed, including the Lijiang Old Town and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at there.


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Nice place to visit, especially if you like the Chinese history... Very historical place and nice view from the top. But when I was there in September 2014 there were constructions which didn't allow me to take quality photos from the top. Aside from that, you will enjoy The smell of the wood and looking at the old buildings from top. Very culture exposing experience.

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