Viewing cherry blossom in Meguro River

Attraction 3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo. Published on: 26-02-2016

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The Tokyo Cherry Blossom season usually begins from the last day of March through the first two weeks of April, however, it changes from year to year.

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Why Viewing cherry blossom in Meguro River is special ?

Nakameguro is a beautiful neighborhood in Tokyo with trees of Cherry Blossoms on Meguro River running through it. It also happens to be my ‘home town’ right now. Cherry trees line both sides of the river, starting from Nakameguro Station and running in both directions. During the spring when the blossoms are in bloom Nanameguro transforms from a quiet neighborhood as people come from all over Tokyo to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with Nakameguro’s 580 cherry trees.This weekend they were in full bloom.


What to explore at Viewing cherry blossom in Meguro River?

About 800 cherry trees line Meguro River for several hundred meters and create an amazing sight. However, as a concrete canal, Meguro River does not offer a very natural surrounding for blossom viewers. During the Nakameguro Sakura Festival, the trees are lit up in the evenings.

Backwards from the station, and see the direction towards to “Hinode Bridge”.
Cherry trees standing in a line beside the river, and petals of cherry blossom have been blowing like snow with wind. The scenery indeed looks like the sky is dropping cherry blossom snow.
Walk a little more, you will see “Shukuyamabashi Bridge”. The photos were taken here in the daytime and evening. Take photos of Meguro River and cherry blossoms at the sides was planned, but visitors were everywhere so it was a pity that we cannot take a perfect shoot here.
Along the Meguro River does not offer a very natural surrounding for blossom viewers, however the pathway is suitable for short walk, as well as viewing cherry blossoms at night. Due to the pathway is quite narrow with lots of visitors so we suggested you come here in the morning or afternoon.

How to get to Viewing cherry blossom in Meguro River?

Get off at Nakameguro Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line • Tokyu Toyoko Line.

Selling points

  • Walking in the sakura(cherry blossoms)
  • Prettiest place to enjoy sakura”
  • Attraction of Cherry Blossom
  • Extremely relaxing place
  • Lying and enjoy the best scene
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3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.

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Tips for you

  • There are stalls around the river on both sides that sells drinks and snacks for around Y500.
  • Make sure you have your camera when the Sakura is out.
    What to bring
  • Make sure that you come here during the cherry blossom period which is around end of March to early April.
  • There are loads of places to stop and sit and near by cafes offer good options for a rest.
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When sakura is in bloom, it is one of the choicest places to go. Kandagawa river is another one. The rMeguro RIver is lined with sakura trees, both sides. Add to this lantern specifically brought for the hanami (celebration of flowers), numerous stalls selling food, wine, beer, couples, tourists, throngs of people, well, you get the picture. It was fun! I think when the sakura seasaon is over it is a more mundane place. The river is not wide, more like a canal, the bridges are not spectacular, the sidewalks are narrow. Although, I do like narrow sidewalks. I do not mind even occasionally get shouldered by the passers-by. It's Tokyo, after all, lots of people here. Do stroll along the river bank, hanami or not, you won't regret it.

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