Van Thuy Tu Temple and Whale Museum

Attraction Vạn Thuỷ Tú Phan Chu Trinh Đức Thắng tp. Phan Thiết Bình Thuận, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Van Thuy Tu temple is located on the Ngu Ong Street of Phan Thiet City. It is considered the largest museum for whale skeletons in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia

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Why Van Thuy Tu Temple and Whale Museum is special ?

Van Thuy Tu temple is one of the biggest and oldest ones of Binh Thuan Fisery. It was built in 1762, consisting of the main ball where Nam Hai God is worshiped. In this palace, there are 24 titles of previous Nguyen Dynasties to be preserved. It is also where to preserve most Han – Nom cultural heritages in relation to fishery featuring the content of worshiping at altars, worshiping statues, horizontal lacquered board (engraved with Chinese characters) on Dai Hong Chung’s bell…

For seamen, Whale is a god and highly esteemed and worshiped, saving them in marine accidents. As a rule, whenever finding the whale die, the temple villagers shall bring him to the shore and celebrate a formula funeral rite. The first person to find him die shall follow the funeral rite as a his eldest child. The temple villagers shall request his soul…, and select the best day to celebrate the funeral.


What to explore at Van Thuy Tu Temple and Whale Museum?

Van Thuy Tu Temple hosts 5 days of the rituals on the lunar calendar as follows: Spring Rituals on 20th February on lunar calendar, Ritual praying for fishermen on 20th April on lunar calendar, Ritual welcoming main season 20th June on lunar calendar, Ritual on 20th July on lunar calendar and Ritual of death anniversary on 23rd August on lunar calendar. There are also many exciting activities during the anniversary such as "tuong" (classical traditional Vietnamese opera) and boat racing... These traditional cultural features have always been stored and existed so far demonstrating the important role of whales in the spiritual beliefs of the locals here. It is unique cultural characteristics that contribute to bring Van Thuy Tu Temple to become one of significant spiritual tourist Phan Thiet attractions.

Van Thuy Tu Temple was ranked national-level historical relics in 1996. In 2003, thanks to the support of Oceanographic Institute - Nha Trang, the massive skeletons in Van Thuy Tu Temple was restored and served tourists in the galleries of the temple. These two events significantly contribute the values of coastal cultural and religious address. The temple now is always open for tourists to visit and ascertain folklore beliefs as well as beliefs of fishermen here who are inherently peaceful and hospitable. Van Thuy Tu Temple is worth an impressive spiritual tourist site attracting tourists to Phan Thiet tourism and Binh Thuan tourism as well.


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Vạn Thuỷ Tú Phan Chu Trinh Đức Thắng tp. Phan Thiết Bình Thuận, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • Van Thuy Tu Temple is located on Ngu Ong (Whale) street, Phan Thiet town
  • It's great place for history and culture lovers
  • Van Thuy Tu Temple Phan Thiet is famous throughout nationwide and abroad, which has always been one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Phan Thiet
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