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Udo Island has just under 2000 permanent residents living in a few towns and otherwise spread out in the small countryside.

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Why Udo is special ?

Udo Island 우도 translates into English as Cow Island (in simplified Chinese characters 牛岛). It is a sleepy island located close to Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong - 성산일출봉. It has just under 2000 permanent residents living in a few towns and otherwise spread out in the small countryside. Crops are grown across the island in fields separated by Jeju basalt rock walls. The houses were built before the time of cars so the roads are narrow and many corners have a round mirror on a pole so you can see if traffic is approaching. There are no traffic lights on the island. The distance to walk around the island is 17 km it is probably best to bring a car or hire some transportation on the island rather than walk.

What to explore at Udo?

Udon has a huge amount of litter around the rocks and headlands. Udo is also famous for peanut

You able to see beautiful scenery and how local people living their lives (houses and farming) . Restaurant is everywhere and easy to get food

There are many cafes on Udo for you to grab a burger or sandwich for lunch if you are into western fare and also many restaurants that serve seafood Korean style. The seafood comes from the "Hae-nyo" sea-women who dives around Udo to haul in fresh Abalone, sea-urchin, octopus and the like for our enjoyment

The water is really clear and the sands are clean! There is also this coast where crashing waves will hit and splash all over you if you get close enough, quite an interesting experience

There are 3 beaches that you can visit and those are all different atmosphere, especially there is Coral beach that exists only 3 palces in the world and then go towards the end where people are not crowded, you will see more pretty coral .

How to get to Udo?

Inter-city Bus: It takes 1 hour and 5 minutes by express bus from the Jeju Bus Terminal to Seongsan (buses leave every 20 minutes). The local bus leaves every 25 minutes. (information: 064-756-0389)

It takes 1 hour and 5 minutes by express bus from the Seogwipo Bus Terminal to Seongsan (buses leave every 20 minutes).

(Information: 064-762-3248)

Ferry: It takes 15 minutes from Seongsanpo to U-do. The ferry leaves every hour.

Winter (Oct.-Mar.): from Seongsan 08:30-17:00 / from U-do 08:00-16:30

Summer (Apr.-Sep.): from Seongsan 08:00-18:30 / from U-do 07:30-18:00

(Information: 064-783-0448, 064-782-5671)

Directions: Jeju International Airport -> Jeju City Inter-city Bus Terminal -> Seongsan -> Seongsan Port -> Dohangseon Ferry -> U-do

Source: http://www.lifeinkorea.com/

Selling points

  • Extremely Near To Jeju-Do; A Must Visit Indeed
  • Love this idyllic lil island off Jeju <3
  • Locals Vacation Spot
  • Must not missed out Udo when you visit Jeju
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Udo-myeon, Jeju, Jeju-do, South Korea

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Tips for you

  • You can also take a speedboat tour of the natural caverns dotting the cliffs and coasts. the speedboat drives all the way into these caverns for you to observe up close the cave formations.
  • On the mainland, you should check out tiny Gangjeong Village, on the southern coast just west of Seogwipo, where villagers and Jeju priests are braving police, the navy, Hyundai, and Samsung 24/7 as they protest a huge naval base being foisted upon them.
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  • It's much cheaper than spending so much on a cramp scooter, especially during winter. There is also horse-riding available , which can be found somewhere off the Udo port.
  • You can rent a bike or small 4-wheel motorcycle and enjoy the scene around the island.
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“Extremely Near To Jeju-Do; A Must Visit Indeed.” I stayed at Ojo Haenyo Guesthouse area, hopped on a taxi to get to the port to Udo. The port is actually very near but I chose not to walk there. Paid less than KRW4000 for the taxi, cheap indeed. Bought a return ticket at less than KRW6000, ran towards the ferry that was about to leave for Udo, and in less than 30 minutes, we reached beautiful Udo. In case you're wondering, the ferry ride is too short to get motion-sickness :p It rained during my short trip to this island so I didn't rent a bicycle. Instead, I got on the hop-on hop-off bus, the ticket was about KRW5000 or so. Super cheap. But the driver/tourist guide spoke only in Korean. But no worries, I did enjoy the tour. I managed to walk up to the lighthouse, had the famous peanut ice-cream overlooking a gorgeous view of the beach and a cliff, I also went to one of the beaches there. Udo is as gorgeous as Jeju. There are nice cafes with free wifis. Street food, local food, souvenirs; Udo is small but it has everything for visitors. Do wear good walking shoes, bring a ponco with you, and get on the last ferry if you can as this island is beautiful!!

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