Tuyin Taung Pagoda

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Tuyin Taung Zedi is one of the four zedis in which King Anawrahta enshrined the four replicas of the sacred.

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Why Tuyin Taung Pagoda is special ?

Tuyin Taung or the Tuyin hill is located on the eastern side of the Ayeyarwaddy River bank of Bagan. Tuyin Taung Pagoda was built during A.D 1059 by King Anawrahta. King Vizaraba from Sri Lanka donated one of Buddha's tooth relic and King Anawrahta duplicated with another one and embedded in the sacred place inside this pagoda. There are 32 statues of elephants made in ratio to different directions at the base of the pagoda. It is an octagonal shaped designed platform on which the pagoda resides. Many years passed by but still the pagoda is maintained by time to time.

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What to explore at Tuyin Taung Pagoda?

That the original name is Tuyin Taung is confirmed by the inscription on one of three inscribed stone slabs housed in a shed by the side of Tuyin Taung zedi. In the inscription on the middle slab. There are quarries at Tuyin Taung Hill from which stone bricks were carried by human chains to the construction site of Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan. Pious devotees lined up a 7 mile distance and stone bricks were passed on by hands till they reached the site. Fossilized prints of leaves found between some lithic layers prove the age of Tuyin Taung Hill to be 25 million years. Some of these fossilized prints are on display in the courtyard of the museum.

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How to get to Tuyin Taung Pagoda?

Tuyin Taung pagoda can be reached by taxi or horse cart from Nyaung U Airport. It takes about 15 minutes driving.

Selling points

  • Spectacular sunset
  • An octagonal platform
  • The structure is bell shaped.
  • A sand stone Tuyin Taung Hill
  • Beautiful view of the complete Bagan
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  • There is a saying that if one could go and pay homage to Shwezigon pagoda, Tantkyi Taung pagoda, Tuyin Taung pagoda and Lawka Nandar pagoda in a single day, a wish comes true.
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As you approach Bagan from the river you will view the mystical landscape scene in pictures of the city. If it's a fairly clear day the excursion of balloon riding can be seen in the distance, image the view of the really 3000 temples, pagodas, and ruins. Off to the left you will notice a lone stupa high on the mountain top. To access the stupa - named for the mountain or vice versa - you must rent some sort of motorized vehicle, for us it was a Toyota Van with all the bells and whistles. We had been told it would only take about 10 minutes to the top, but we stopped shortly after leaving the main road. We entered an enclosed area, only to discover we had been invited to a wedding. It is tradition that foreigners who are in the village are invited to the wedding. The couple was 19 years old, perfectly attired and appeared somewhat hesitant yet welcoming to 28 strangers. We were asked to share a traditional breakfast with the couple, given a flower with greenery, and a fan which contained the couples information - similar to our invitation or program. The couple went table to table were photos were taken. Tradition also suggest that donations for the couple be collected, thus a hat went around the room. The money was counted and written into a ledger like book. Finally we met the mother and father of the couple, pictures taken, bows, Min-gala-ba (literally meaning "it's a blessing") universal Hello in the country, and back to the van. The road to the top is in poor condition, yet when you look to the ride you might notice a relatively new stone wall. Along the way you will cross a wooden bridge were thought of - no way will they ever get a large bus over it when and/or if tourism increases. Once at the top there will be the usual shops - no high pressure to buy -, a lady sitting near the toilets charging 100 kyat or about 10 cents for use (there are a few ladies who keep them very clean and stocked - one traditional squat the other western). To get to the stupa your have very few steps and once on top you have a beautiful view of Bagen and the Ayeryarwaddy River in the distance. Of particular interest are the metal circular disk around the fence, they represent the 24 levels of consciousness as described by Buddha rarely achieved by many expect some monks. Perhaps it's not the best idea to compare stupas, but some are more spectacular than others - this one would be rated average - but the view is the star. Back into our Toyota van and down the hill. We were invited to attend an elephant dance show, it's a tradition the villager have shared for generations but unfortunately it's becoming a dying art. Two young men go inside an elephant costume. Their performance might be described as a human puppet show. They dance around with traditional music played by local musicians, while displaying some typical elephant movements. The highlight was their table/stool routine where they climbed on top of each and danced around. The view alone makes this a worthwhile trip.

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