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Attraction South Male Atoll, Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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Turtle reef, located on the east-side of the South Male Atoll, offers a good basic for the appearance of sea-turtles.

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Why Turtle Reef is special ?

Turtle reef, located on the east-side of the South Male Atoll, offers a good basic for the appearance of sea-turtles. The reef shows a very dense and varied cover of corals which is used by these interesting animals as necessary places to feel home and it also guarantees a great variety of food. Furthermore, you can find many other colorful reef-inhabitants such as boxfish, porcupines fish, surgeonfish and schools of bannerfish. Due to the fact that turtles appear most commonly on the top of the reef, you dive this site shallow. The low air consumption guarantees a nice and long dive. Easy and relaxing this dive can be joined and enjoyed by everyone.

Source: http://maldives.greatestdivesites.com/

What to explore at Turtle Reef?

A journey that you should not leave the Maldives without trying to experience amazing encounter with Turtles; swimming alongside and at the same time enjoy the beautiful corals and fish life. Turtle reef is where we go for the Turtle Adventure trip. This area is a hawksbill turtle feeding ground so there is always a good chance of seeing lots of turtles there.The turtles here are pretty relaxed. As it is their home territory, they don’t feel threatened by people, so you can have a really amazing encounter with them; swimming alongside them or turtles coming up to breathe right in front of you.

Source: http://www.bibeemaldives.com/

How to get to Turtle Reef?

Turtle Reef is located in the east-side of South Male Atoll. From your resort, it's easily take a speed boat to the reef. You can also join in a "Turtle Reef Diving Tour" provided by your hotel or tourist agents.

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South Male Atoll, Maldives

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  • The dive is best at about 10 metres where you can see huge shoals of oriental sweetlips, and shoals of broad stripe fusiliers.
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