Tuong Dai Chua Kito Vua

Attraction Jesus Christ's Statue Thùy Vân Phường 2 tp. Vũng Tàu Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu, Vietnam Published on: 27-07-2016

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Kito God statue is located on Nui Nho at 170m altitude above sea level, this statue was built in 1974 by church, it was finished in 1993.

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Why Tuong Dai Chua Kito Vua is special ?

Kito God statue is located on Nui Nho at 170m altitude above sea level, this statue was built in 1974 by church, it was finished in 1993. The statue faces the sea toward the south. Its height is 32m, the arm length is 18,4m, the hand is 2.2m length, and middle fingers are 1m length. Around the statue head are 9 metal halos for both decorative and lighting conducting purposes. Inside the state, there is a spiral staircase consisting of 133 stairs. The light shining into the statue through the "Tho" -shaped window system, which is featured with Oriental style. The two sleeves actsas two safe balconies for visistors to enjoy the wind and view Vung Tau city at the altitude of 200m.

Kito God statue was built on a concrete foundation with 04 bow-shaped angles, 10m height, 12m length. At the front the foundation is decorated with a relief simulating the "Farewell Party" by Leonard De Vinci; at the back is the picture simulating the "The God gives the key to Phero Saint". Despite being made of concrete, the artistic features shows to be gentle and lively.

The harmonious combination between the natural scenery and religious art and national cultural identity, Kito God statue is truly a considerable religious artistic work of the region. The architects in Vietnam suppose that this statue is the highest god statue in the world. It is even higher than the statues in Rio de janeiro, Brazil, which was joint constructed by Brazil and Argentina ( 26m height, 10m length of the arm) on a mountain similar to Nho mountain in Vung Tau.

Kito God statue is also a tourism attraction of Vung Tau.

Source: http://vungtautravelguide.blogspot.com/

What to explore at Tuong Dai Chua Kito Vua?

Statue of Christ is a striking harmony of liberal space of the mountains and the sea here.Architecture, sculpture, statue of Kito is a great work of art, is a product of the harmonious combination between natural landscape and architectural grandeur with modern Vietnamese art with bold ethnic and religious groups.

It is a long trek but there are some stops for trekkers to take a break, drink water and take some photos of the sea and surrounding areas below. The path is decorated by many trees and flowers, especially plumeria flowers, spreading its fragrance around the location. Standing in front of the statue, you can imagine a giant stretching his hands out to hold you

Source: http://kyhoahotel.com.vn/

How to get to Tuong Dai Chua Kito Vua?

The statue is easy to find: from the ferry terminal take a right on Vung Tau’s main road, Ha Long. When the road reaches the tip of the peninsula, and changes its name to Thuy Van, you will find the Christ of Vung Tau and its large entrance area

Source: http://www.travelfish.org/

Selling points

  • Love to walk to Christ's foot for 880 steps from the ground.
  • Feel like to be freedom when being here
  • For holics who are non-Cat for the view or for those who are Catholics/!!
  • Great climb! Awesome 360 views for photos
  • Very interesting, great view and make sure shoulders and knees are covered
A memorable day in Vung Tau

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Jesus Christ's Statue Thùy Vân Phường 2 tp. Vũng Tàu Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You should bring bottle water (soaking wet), mosquito repellant... wear sun screen (when it's roasting), hat, socks with grips (the steps have little grips, smooth surface)
    What to bring
  • Once you arrived at the top, the view is breathtaking and you can take lots of spectacular photos
  • You should wear modest clothing if you want to go inside Jesus. There's a big sign once you're on your way that says you can't go in if you are wearing shorts or a vest.
    What to wear
  • You can also go inside the statue and climb up more but very narrow stairs to get to the arms.


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Awesome view,a place find inner peace,panorama view of seaside.Remember a opening time and closing time.If so U will miss a chance to visit inside Jesus Statue

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“Climb and climb for a Fantastic View” 5 of 5 starsReviewed January 17, 2015 This should be a highlight of anyone's trip to Vung Tau. Even from afar, the statue of Christ (perched on Tao Feng mountain 176 metres above sea level) with his hands stretched out towards the sea is a sight to behold. I was even more excited upon learning that there are stairs leading all the way up to both sides of the shoulders for magnificent views. There are however several things to bear in mind for would-be visitors: 1. The climb up to the statue is not for those who have problem walking, the elderly and those with heart problems. There are supposedly more than 800 steps on the mountain leading to the base of the statue, so it would pose a challenge for even those who are not used to exercise. 2. Bring along a towel or even a change of clothes as you would likely be drenched in sweat. Though it can be windy, an umbrella is useful against the relentless sun. 3. For ladies (young girls included!), it is important to wear long pants (though long shorts covering the knees are okay too) and tops with sleeves. The person guarding the entrance of the statue would bar anyone deemed as wearing anything "offensive" from entering. 4. No entry into the statue during lunch break which is from 11am to around 2pm. (the Vietnamese typically have 2 hours lunch break). To avoid disappointment, be there preferably in the morning for cooler temperature. Do go way before 11am because it would take some time (depending on fitness!) to climb the steps on the mountain to the base of the statue. Also, time has to be allocated for climbing the spiral staircase of 133 steps inside the statue leading to the shoulders. 5. Since this is an exercise that entails a lot of climbing, sensible footwear is a must. Flats with good grips would be best. 6. Though a tourist attraction, Tuong Dai Chua Kito Vua is first and foremost a religious place, so do observe silence and show proper behaviour when going into it. The 'guard' sitting at the entrance would bar anyone who makes too much noise or unruly from entering. 7. Photography is permitted inside the statue. 8. Bags and footwear are not allowed inside the statue. These have to be left outside. If you are with a guide, then he could 'look after' these for you while you enter. 9. Though narrow, the spiral staircase inside the statue is not too difficult to climb (especially since you've made it up the steps of the mountain thus far!). But for those with giddy spells or vertigo, the constant turns might be uncomfortable. 10. As this is a popular tourist attraction, it is usually crowded so you will not have much time standing outside on the shoulder to indulge in the views. Probably a few minutes of looking around and snapping a few photographs and it's time to let others have their turn. The space on the shoulder is very tight. Three people and it's already a squeeze. 11. There is no entrance fee since this is a religious monument. Donations are welcome though. Just put them in the donation boxes after entering. 12. There is a kiosk selling drinks, ice-cream at the base of the mountain for those in need of refreshments. Toilets are there too. 13. There are places to stop, sit and enjoy the views while taking a breather as you walk up the steps of the mountain. There are also statues depicting scenes from the bible. 14. For fitness enthusiasts, this is good exercise with the views as a bonus. For those not too used to physical exertion, the feeling of being on the shoulders would be a great sense of achievement!

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