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Shopping Jl. Basuki Rachmat 8-12, Surabaya, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tunjungan Plaza has become the largest shopping center and entertainment place in East Indonesia and the landmark of Surabaya.

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Why Tunjungan Plaza is special ?

Tunjungan Plaza is strategically located in the city center of Surabaya. As part of Tunjungan City superblock which consists of not only a shopping center, but also a condominium, 5-star HOTEL AND office tower, Tunjungan Plaza has become the largest shopping center in East Indonesia and the landmark of Surabaya.

Tunjungan Plaza was established in 1986. At that time it was the first modern shopping center in Surabaya which operated for 12 hours every day. Nowadays it has the total area of 125,000 M2. It is the favourite shopping destination and leisure place for both locals and foreigners in Surabaya. It has also become an icon that tourists and visitors should come and see.

Supported by anchor tenants such as SOGO, Matahari Department Store, Gramedia, Tunjungan 21, Cinema XXI, Ace Hardware, Informa, Hero Supermarket, Amazone and Celebrity Fitness, hundreds of local brand and famous international brand tenants, a huge Convention Center and two main atriums, Tunjungan P

What to explore at Tunjungan Plaza?

This plaza consisted of four blocs that is Tunjungan Plaza 1, Tunjungan Plaza 2, Tunjungan Plaza 3 and Tunjungan Plaza 4 (Sogo) where the four blocs connected to one another seemed to become one so as to be seen very big and spacious.

In this Shopping Centre a great number of counter-counter offered the product and the service that were put forward in the exclusive and comfortable atmosphere.

It also has self-service that sold all the requirements for the household, several department store with the fashion product, café, restaurants.

After satisfied to shop or window shopping, on fifth floor you could enjoy newest movies that in turned every day in 21 Cineplex with 4 studios supported by the digital sound. Or hanging out rested in the Food Court that was wide and spacious with various menus such as rujak cingur, Chinese food to fast food all was here with the reachable price that made this serving garden be always busy all the time.

If you bring sons and daughters, asked played at the centre of children's Funpolis toy with the various and modern game collection must make your sons and daughters keep in spending time for a long time there.

Source: http://www.surabaya.go.id/

Selling points

  • “Great shopping”
  • “Helpfull shopping mall”
  • “Biggest mall in town”
  • “Galant place to shop”
  • “An amazing shopping experience”
A five day round trip of Surabaya

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Jl. Basuki Rachmat 8-12, Surabaya, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Tunjungan Plasa could be reached from all the directions. Plenty of city transports that passed by in front of this shopping centre.
  • There is public transport avaiable but getting a taxi can be difficult during peak periods
  • To buy a souvenirs or just doing window shopping this place was very appropriate for you to fill up the holiday.
    Things to do
  • Cheaps price, brands new, good quality product, good food festival, book store, hypermarket, coffee shop, restaurants, everything have in 1 place.
    What to see
  • It's very big mall. if you like that kind, you must go there
  • It's near Gubeng station
    Things nearby
  • For you who bring the personal vehicle, was available the parking area that was wide enough with the adequate security system
  • This is a huge mall with many brands, from the expensive to the more affordable.
  • It's in Basuki Rahmat 16-18 Street as well as was located in the starry hotel region


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We walked to Tunjungan Plaza from our hotel which is located nearby and spent hours on the Upper Floor with many shops offering best buys on shoes and sporting items. On the 5th Floor, there are lots of eateries and we sample a bit of everything. We also like the cafes located on the 1st Floor. The restroom are clean. Overall a good shopping mall for the whole family.

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It is my fave mall since I was young. This is huge mall you will burn your fats. This mall only has limited chair so when you tired you must enter cafe or restaurant.

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All stuffs are good , the brands had been added more .. I also like the cinema .. restrooms are clean ... enjoyable!!

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