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Shopping 4 Triệu Quang Phục, Thuận Hòa, tp. Huế, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Truc Chi Garden is a great place to see the great artisans doing great works.The spaces are cozy and full of creative things. Warmest hospitality from everyone at Truc Chi.

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Why Truc Chi Garden is special ?

Truc Chi is an old form of art that belongs to Viet Nam has come alive.It involves making paper, called truc chi, which is made from bamboo. Truc Chi can be used to make all sorts of things, from passport covers and wallets to wall paintings and lanterns. This art form helps keep Viet Nam’s heritage alive and strong.

What to explore at Truc Chi Garden?

Coming to Truc chi Garden, you can see the process of producing Truc Chi. The artist produces the paper by cutting bamboo trees into sections and slicing those into thin sticks, which are soaked in water for a night and then cooked in solvent lime for half a day. Cooking the sticks makes them softer, so they can be beaten and grilled into bamboo pulp.

The pulp is mixed with water and poured into a mould to create a sheet of paper, which is then dried under the sun. Finally, Bang makes a graphic on the surface.

The paper is used for many purposes. Thanks to its durability, people use truc chi to make tea house walls and room dividers; Bang is currently working on projects to illuminate the paper, which also serves as material for painting, embroidery and calligraphy. Each truc chi paper can even be seen as an artwork in itself because Bang creates unique graphics on each sheet.

Moreover, you can try to create a product by yourselves.

How to get to Truc Chi Garden?

The best way to visit Truc Chi Garden is by taxi, motorbike or "xe om". It takes 33 mins driving from Phu Bai International Airport and 7 mins from Hue Railway Station.

Selling points

  • New design on traditional culture value
  • Unique experience
  • Great place for family days out
  • Great, beautiful and unique products
  • Good product, friendly staffs
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4 Triệu Quang Phục, Thuận Hòa, tp. Huế, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You should bring plenty of cash because this place does not accept Credit Card.
    What to bring
  • If you come here, please meet Ms Vi, shop manager to hear TRuc Chi story and feel her love for Truc Chi.
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  • You can visit the Citadel nearby if you have time.
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  • Parking lot is available.


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i have many emotion a bout Truc chi story and value! Truc chi is new and creative art works in Hue. Make paper is kinds of art!! I future, i think many product of Truc chi will use for decoration in morden life! Art is good when we can use not look only. New design and hold traditional spirit! If you come here, please meet Ms Vi, shop manager to hear truc chi story and feel her love for truc chi!

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