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Attraction Truc Bach Lake, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam Published on: 19-04-2017

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Truc Bach is currently one of the most famous tourist destinations in Hanoi. The lake is shielded on three sides by streets full of houses.

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Why Truc Bach Lake is special ?

Truc Bach Lake has a very special topography. In the middle of the lake there was a pearl-shaped knoll called Chau Long, a whirlpool, and a dragon conjuring gems. Moreover, there are many famous historical monuments including Quan Thanh, An Temple and Tran Quoc Pagoda. The citizens living in this area have witnessed many changes in life, nature, and society over the years. Every single natural scenery or historical monument located in Hanoi is spectacularly related to a legend, and sometimes a legend is relatively connected with another or social and natural phenomena become mixed up. From the combination of legends, we can learn a lot from the fascinating and abundant oral history about West Lake.


What to explore at Truc Bach Lake?

Like the whole West Lake area, Truc Bach Lake is surrounded by historical sites and structures still displaying their original architecture. Quan Thanh Temple is situated on the southwest corner of the lake. On the east corner, Chau Long Pagoda built in Tran Dynasty was the place where Princess Khiet Co of King Tran Nhan Tong (1279-1293) led a religious life. There is also in Pho Duc Chinh Street An Tri Temple which is dedicated to the worship of Uy Do, a hero in a war against the Yuan invaders. On a small islet in the northern corner of the lake, there was a temple called Cau Nhi.

In 2000, Truc Bach Lake was planned and upgraded with the circle of streets called Truc Bach and Tran Vu Streets, linking the two ends of Thanh Nien Road. The lake’s banks were paved with stone and surrounded pavements were paved with tiles. Additionally, small flower gardens with roses, daisies and grass were built around the lake. The rows of willow and bamboo trees also make the lake look more beautiful.

Visiting Truc Bach Lake, the visitors can enjoy a cup of Trung Nguyen coffee at nearby restaurants, or row on the lake to behold the landscape.

Today, Truc Bach Lake, West Lake and Thanh Nien Road shaded by flamboyant and lagerstroemia trees constitute a harmonious complex of beauty spots that fascinate anyone to Hanoi.


How to get to Truc Bach Lake?

Motorbike driver

Motorbike drivers ("Xe Om" in Vietnamese) can be found on virtually every corner, especially in the Old Quarter. Expect to be offered a ride every half-block (or more). You should absolutely negotiate a fare in advance. As a general rule, a reasonable fare should cost around 10,000 dong per kilometre of travel for a motorbike (possibly varying 10,000 dong in either direction), so know the distance you are travelling or understand that you have no real basis for negotiating a fair rate. Walk away towards the next street filled with motorbike drivers if you don't like their offer, as this is an incredibly reliable bargaining technique. There are far more drivers than tourists, and they know it - your fare could be the only one they get all day.


Negotiate first or avoid using the cyclos services, they can demand 200,000 dong (USD10) for a short ride of less than 100m (330 ft). At the end of the journey, a few men will come over to translate, and they will pretend to help and later insist that you pay the demanded amount. (VND100.000 for 1 hour is good price, included tip - you have to agree this beforehand.)

Motorbike rental

Motorcycles can be rented for around USD5-6 a day, and can be arranged by most hotels. A typical bike will be given with 1 litre of fuel, so top up at the nearest petrol kiosk. Queue up with the other bikes, unscrew your fuel cap and hand over your money (USD1 per litre) to the attendant who will top up your bike for you.

By bus

Scam free, cheap but a bit difficult to comprehend at first, the buses in Hanoi are relatively fast and surprisingly comfortable. Pick up a map with printed bus lines at the Trang Tien street (the book street by the Opera house) and spend a few minutes to identify the more than 60 bus lines, find your bus stop, wait for the bus, get on and off you go. On the bus you pay the 7,000 dong to the conductor who will come to you. If you are unfamiliar with the city, make sure to tell the mostly helpful conductor where you want to get off. Stops are often unannounced and do not have signs with their names on them, although there are now some newer buses with LED displays and lilting voices announcing the next stop. It's best to ask the driver or conductor when to get off.

Selling points

  • Beautiful lake
  • Peaceful atmostphere
  • Cool air and relaxing atmosphere
  • An ideal place for go seeing
  • Friendly local people
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Truc Bach Lake, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

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there are a lot of seafood restaurants around Truc Bach lake

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Swan boat ride on the south of the lake. 80,000 VND/hour

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Beautiful and scenic. Good for a morning stroll or jog around the lake. Get some Bó Biá from road side hawker.

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Truc Bach lake located opposite West Lake. It's very beautiful lake with many delicious junk foods. if you have a chance come there, you should try them :)

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Good services albeit a distance away from city centre.

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Beautiful and scenic. Good for a morning stroll or jog around the lake. Get some Bó Biá from road side hawker.

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