Trang An Grottoes

Attraction Ninh Binh. Viet Nam Published on: 15-03-2017

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Trang An Grottoes is a complex beauty - landscapes called as an "outdoor geological museum" with numerous caves, mountains, valley water, trees and the historic relic.

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Why Trang An Grottoes is special ?

According to statistics, Trang An eco-tourism complex has over 310 species of higher plants, many algae and fungi. In particular, there have some rare woods and amount of valuable trees using for food, medicine. In addition, there has about 30 species of mammals, 50 species of birds, dozens of species of reptiles and some rare animals such as: chamois, leopard, phoenix…


What to explore at Trang An Grottoes?

Run longer than 20 kilometers next to the cave is connected valleys. It is said that this place is the rear of the reign of Dinh Tien Hoang over a thousand years ago. Bai Dinh pagoda is located in Trang An eco-tourism belonging to Gia Sinh commune, Gia Vien district including a population of Tam The Temple, Phap Chu pagoda, La Han, Bell tower… Tourists can visit Trang An by boat. Trang An has 31 valleys, 48 caves and it has some cave with 2000 meters length such as: Dia Linh Cave, Sinh Duong Cave, May Cave...




Ninh Binh. Viet Nam

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Tips for you

  • You should bring hat, sunscreen, umbrella and camera because it is an outdoor trip
    What to bring
  • Tourists can enjoy the grandeur of the mountains, explore majestic caves and have a pure of relaxation with the spiritual culture of Bai Dinh Pagoda.
    Things to do
  • A trip is 2.5 hours boat ride which is rowed by an experienced boatwoman


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I have been to Ninh Binh approx 5 times now and Trang An is much better than Tam Coc. The river caves are much more sophisticated and intense, there are many more rivers and the boats are slightly more comfortable. One thing we weren't so happy about is we had a group of 5, however they would not allow us to all go in one boat, nor let 2 go alone, so we waited for approx 10 mins before another couple came along. However once on the river there were groups of 5 and 2 passing us regularly.

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This place can be busy with tourists from all over the world but mainly Vietnamese. Entrance is 200.000 dong but for that you get a well organised experience of 1,5 to 3 hours by boat through an Unesco World Heritage area. We were put in a boat with other western tourists. I dont know why but I didnt mind. There are more then 1000 boats available on a busy day but even with that amount of tourists its still an experience when you are in between the steep mountains or in the low caves. It somehow feels like you are in a themepark but then real and without the dinosaurs or pirates with stunning views on the rocks at every turn. We arrived late at 16:00 so we could only do the 2 hour tour (they ask you at the boat), but we we were lucky to have some parts of the tour with only our boat.

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