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Attraction Tops Lookout Cebu Transcentral Hwy Cebu City Cebu Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Tops Lookout, better known simply as ‘Tops’ is located on Mt Busay. This modernist, fortresslike viewing deck provides spectacular views, especially at sunrise or sunset.

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Why Tops Lookout is special ?

Tops Lookout is one of the best-kept secrets of the locals. No better venue provides great view than the Tops Lookout, which is better known in the area as “Tops”. Tops is a modernist, fortress-like viewing deck that provides breath-taking views, especially during sunrise and sunset. Fantastic views are seen of Mandaue, Cebu City, Mactan Island and even the coast of Bohol.

The best time to go there will be during late afternoons as you’ll be able to experience both daytime and nighttime views. The venue makes for great barbeque cook-outs for family and friends while they enjoy the view of the city. It also has a breath-taking and peaceful sunset as well.


What to explore at Tops Lookout?

The area is mostly concrete with interesting circle stone architecture. It has a bar for beers and snacks. It also has a souvenir shop. The price is doubled and if you are on a budget, you can bring your own snacks and drinks instead. There are areas for dining and picnic. The setting is serene and romantic in the evening perfect for couples. Also definitely a good family place for picnic or little gathering.

“Tops” offers a panoramic view of the whole city of Cebu City and Mactan Island with the cool fresh air welcoming you. It promises a lot of perfect photo opportunities once you are there. Some people say it is best to go during Sunrise or either Sunset as the view is fantastic. The view is magnificent during the night time where you see the city lit up in thousands of little bright lights like jewelries embracing the black velvet night. Some families even stay overnight and camp to see the stars at night, too. It could get really chilly up there and you should have light sweater or hoodie handy.


How to get to Tops Lookout?

The lookout point is about 10 kilometers from downtown Cebu. There are endless ways to get to the lookout, here are but some to consider:

  • The easiest way to get up to Tops is certainly by private car. Relatives or friends residing in Cebu will unquestionably be familiar on how to get up to the steep and winding road to the area.
  • Taxis are also a great option and will cost you around 800 to 1000 Pesos to get you to and from Tops Lookout. Some claim that it will take you around 600 Pesos from Escario St. to Tops. It is quite expensive as you will probably have to pay for the driver’s admission too.
  • Taking Lahug jeepneys is another option. The only drawback is that these jeepneys get only within 500m from the actual lookout. You’ll have to walk the last and very steep 500 meters. Take a jeepney along Osmena Boulevard, North of Del Rosario. You may have to change jeepneys at Cebu Plaza Hotel. Make sure to find one that goes to Tops. This way will take up more time but will certainly save you a lot of money.
  • You can also take a jeepney to Lahug along Osmena Boulevard and ask to be dropped off at the J.Y Square Mall in Lahug. Look for a motorcycle to take you to Tops as they are usually waiting at the entrance of the mall’s parking area. This motorcycle will cost you a roundtrip of around 100 to 150 pesos, which includes waiting time. Brace yourself, though, as the ride is already an experience in itself.

Getting to the lookout requires going up a really steep mountain no matter the mode of transportation you take. You also have to do a 10-15 minute hike when you get to the parking area of the lookout. Nevertheless, there are countless ways to get to the Tops Lookout. The important thing is that you’ll get to marvel at the sight itself. Don’t forget to bring your camera for that perfect shot!


Selling points

  • Nice view over the city
  • A beautiful panoramic view of the city
  • The feeling of freedom
  • Enjoyably peaceful place
  • Romantic setting
A great 2 day trip to Cebu with my parents

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Tops Lookout Cebu Transcentral Hwy Cebu City Cebu Philippines

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Tips for you

  • Don’t forget to bang the old big bell and wish luck for u and for your loved ones
    Things to do
  • Bring your own drinks, food
    What to bring
  • Never ever try to go here on motorbikes as it's too dangerous.
  • Tops is located in the mountains facing cebu city and is a 30 minute ride from downtown cebu city if there is no traffic.
  • If you are planning to return again, you can ask the guard at the entrance for their membership card so you only have to pay for Php50.00 on your next visit.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Some small cafe shops and corners are available in case you need any sandwiches, cold refreshment drinks etc . Food vendors are all lined up selling snacks, drinks and even beer for a cheap price!
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Go here late afternoon until the sun is down to see the awesome view (day &night) of the queen city of the south

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Tops gives you a spectacular view of Cebu. I've been here several times to bring guests and i still never get tired of going there. You have to bring a light jacket since it can be a bit chilly.You can opt to bring your own refreshments or you can buy there at reasonable prices.A must visit when in Cebu. Best seen at night time. :)

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If it's your first time in Cebu and the weather is good, it's a must-see.If it's not your first time and you haven't been to this place, it's a must try.If you have been here, you'll know that there are limited choices when it comes to food and drinks and where you can eat but the view is magnificent.It's probably my 7th or 8th time to visit this place but it still offers that beautiful view.

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