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Tobu World Square is a theme park with 1/25th scale miniature reproductions of the historic relics and buildings around the world.

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Why Tobu World Square is special ?

If you have a dream to travel the world, but have a budget to visit one country, choose Japan and visit the Tobu World Square in Nikko. This theme park contains over a hundred 1:25 scale models of famous buildings designated as World Cultural and Heritage Sites by the UNESCO and other important landmarks, complete with 140,000 1:25 scale miniature people. As incredible as it may sound, no two of the 140,000 miniature residents at Tobu World Square looks alike! The park also has 20,000 real bonsai trees.

At Tobu World Square, it took 5 years for artisans to create the miniature reproductions of world historical sites like the Sphinx, the Parthenon, the Great Wall of China and the World Trade Center. From these pictures, it is impossible to tell whether they are real or models. Take the visitors out of the picture and your sense of scale is seriously impaired.


What to explore at Tobu World Square?

The park consists of 6 zones: Japan, modern Japan, Asia, America, Egypt and Europe. 102 buildings, architecture in 21 countries, are finely reproduced. Of those, 45 pieces are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. There is the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, a pyramid, the Great Wall of China and so on; visitors can enjoy travel around the world just looking at them.

Also, 140,000 dolls of around 7 centimeters tall are placed in the park. At the miniature Tokyo Station, a sea of commuters is realistically reproduced. It is fun to look at the expression of each doll with binoculars. When a playing card which is sold in the park (1,000 yen) is used, some dolls start singing, dancing and playing musical instruments. When a photograph is taken at the angle so that the dolls are in it, it looks like real scenery.

Fine artisanal techniques can be found also in carvings and stained glasses of the buildings. Please take plenty of time to enjoy them thoroughly.


How to get to Tobu World Square?

Tobu operates buses between Kinugawa Onsen Station and Tobu World Square. The trip takes five minutes, costs 210 yen one way, and buses depart every 20-30 minutes. The buses are covered by the Kinugawa Themepark Pass and the Marugoto Nikko Kinugawa Free Pass.

Alternatively, Tobu World Square is a ten minute walk from Kosagoe Station.


Selling points

  • Intricate miniatures at a refreshing location
  • Good to spend with children
  • Well detailed, well maintained
  • Most important for travel in Nikko
  • Travel around the world in half a day
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Japan 〒321-2593 栃木県日光市 鬼怒川温泉大原209-1

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Tips for you

  • At the gift shop, you can buy many things from every countries on sale.
  • There is a large European section, with great detail and variety from many countries and many historical eras.
    What to see
  • You can see a lot of the real places from Kyoto, Nara, etc.
    What to see
  • It's better to bring umbrellas.
    What to bring
  • The English address is 209-1, Kinugawa-onsen Ohara, Nikko-shi, Tochigi.
    English address
  • There is an udon restaurant and other food options near the entrance.
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  • You can buy the discounted tickets at asakusa tourist counter that cover the entrance ticket.
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Some may think this just a kids park but this is a place for all ages to enjoy. The models are lifelike. Stunningly life like. We've actually seen the majority of these places in real life and we were amazed at the level of detail and care taken in replicating the various world sites and landmarks. Some of the displays have moving parts eg Narita airport's replica has moving planes, the Toyko station has skinkasen replicate trains that move etc. This place will fascinate all ages. We took the local train to kosogoe station when you get out of the station turn left and walk around 10 minutes. it's on the opposite side of the road to the station. Take sunscreen as there's little shelter from the sun and you'll find you'll spend more time than you expect here. take spare batteries for the camera as you'll go wild here. It's possible to spend 2 - 3 hours here so don't underestimate this place.

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History and architecture nerd heaven!!!

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