Thu Le Park

Attraction Kim Ma Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh Hanoi Published on: 19-04-2017

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Thu Le Park is both an recreational place and spacious green trees garden. The park is a great place for families to visit on a holiday, especially with young children

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Why Thu Le Park is special ?

Thu Le Park was constructed on 19 May 1975 and then opened to the public two years later. Thu Le Park has been well-known as another name Thu Le Zoo by most of the locals in Hanoi, especially children. The park is a complex of Green Park, zoo and amusement park.


What to explore at Thu Le Park?

Situated in an enormous are of 29 hectares, Thu Le Zoo is an ideal place for walking tour since it is encompassed by lush green grasses and an exquisite collection of tree, small plants and flowers. Thanks to this, the park provides visitors relaxing glimpse as well as fresh air and beautiful landscape. The site is also chosen by many photographers as their source of innovation.

With its five exhibition areas, the zoo is now having 40 animal houses with more than 600 animals of more than 100 species. Among which, 40 species are listed in Vietnam Red Book and many are gifts from Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Some rare animals being preserved here are Indo-Chinese tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, and hippos.

Besides sightseeing its scenery and animals, visitors might also attend more energetic outdoor activities in the park. The most interesting one should be swan boat driving along its 6 hectares lakes which you may have the most romantic time with your partners.

All children would yell out loud enthusiastically when their parents offer a visit to Thu Le Park because in here can be found a wide array of entertaining games like high speed train, bubble houses or rollerblading


How to get to Thu Le Park?

Thu Le Park is very easy to get only by travelling to the end of Kim Ma Road, right beside the renowned Hanoi Daewoo Hotel. The park can be approached by both of its gates, one on Kim Ma Street and the other on Buoi Road. Taxi and motorbike are the best types of transportation while ones may get there by catching Bus No. 9


Selling points

  • Beautiful scenery and animals
  • A popular place for families
  • An ideal place for walking around
  • It's more park than zoo
  • Lush green grasses and an exquisite collection of tree
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Kim Ma Ngoc Khanh, Ba Dinh Hanoi

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Tips for you

  • You should visit Thu Le Park in the afternoon to enjoy the cool air.
  • There are many games there, you should try to play all games.
  • One drawback of the park that it is a little bit smelly as a typical characteristic of a zoo.
  • It can be a dangerous place after dark. Sometimes heroin addicts hang out here. You must be careful with the thieves
  • The best time to visit Thu Le Park should be during summer


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My family and I visit the Thu Le park, Ha noi as the recommendation of the locals. In deed, it’s green and fresh place for our children and us to breath cool air and nice ambience in such a green atmostphere. We love the place of many trees, very peaceful. Here we saw many young couple hanging and children playing game. What a lively local lifestyle. We experience somethings really nice and special at this lovely park. Highly recommend!

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