Three Kingdoms Park

Attraction 100, Moo 9, Tambon Pong, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand. Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Three Kingdoms Theme Park is an inspiring place to visit - not only for the superb landscape and architecture of Thai/Chinese origin, but also for the philosophy

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Why Three Kingdoms Park is special ?

Three Kingdoms Theme Park is one of interesting places in Pattaya. It is a place collecting Chinese-Thai architectures by following a renowned Chinese novel named the Romance of Three Kingdoms. In the park visitors will see 3 buildings in Chinese styles and there are also collections of statues and ancient objects inside of the buildings. Apart from that, there is also a picture story of the novel on the long wall, which is claimed that it is the longest wall picture story in the world. There is also an area collecting several fossilized trees in the park. The location of the park is near Mabprachan reservoir, approximately 12 kilometers from Sukhumvit road, Central Pattaya.

Three Kingdoms Theme Park is established by Mr.Kiarti Srifuengfung, the ex-owner of Asahi Company. After he passed away, his son, named Mr.Chaisiri Srifuengfung, has continued to take care of this theme park according to last wish of Mr.Kiarti, which is to build the park for presenting valuable arts, cultures, history between Thailand and China in order to show visitors different point of views.

In the park visitors will see a wide area with three Chinese-style buildings as a background. It is quite attractive and natural. These middle building is the largest building which presents history of the Three Kingdoms Theme Park on the ground floor, oil-color drawing of Khong Beng on the first and the second floors, and finally a place for respecting Chinese statues as well as the outdoor view on the third floor. Outside of the buildings visitors will also find several warrior statues and fossilized trees. Another interesting thing is that the story of the Romance of Three Kingdoms is presented in 56 pictures on the wall, where the length of it is about 240 meters.

What to explore at Three Kingdoms Park?

Some visitors (most are Thai or Chinese) come here just to visit the splendour of the Three Kingdoms Theme Park, but most come to pray and make a wish, to the big goddess of mercy 'Guan Yin'. This sculpture, which is made from white marble, is situated in one of the three Chinese-style pagodas. The main features of the Park, are the three Chinese-style pagoda buildings – each with different philosophies and meanings. The central Pagoda is the most important – other than the fact that is holds a statue of Mr Kiarti. This Pagoda has four floors accessible to visitors – each with a different theme within the overall concept of the park.

The Main Central Pagoda

First floor (Ground Floor)

As well as the imposing statue of Kiarti Sifuengfung, this floor is home to an awe-inspiring ‘letter’ from Mr Kiarti, putting forward his views on what one should – and should not – do. It is written in Chinese, Thai and English. This letter stands several meters tall. We will print the full details on this page for your information.

There are twelve priceless statues of Chinese people who are an integral part of the story of the Three Kingdoms. They are Lui bei, Kuan U, Zhang Hui, Kgebgg, Lil po, Tung TO, Tiaw Sian, Jocho, Juyee, Sun Kuan, Su Ma Jiaw and Hua To. The statues were sculpted over a period of eight months by a professional pottery specialist bought in from China. All are housed behind glass screens.

Second and Third Floors

These floors are dedicated to the story of the Three kingdoms, and illustrated on wall paintings (murals) in oil paints with a total length of 100 meters. The murals are set in sixteen separate but linked parts, and were painted by the famous Chinese artist Zang Kexin. They took five years to finish and were painted during 1994-1998

Fourth (top) floor.

This floor offers great view of the park – and beyond – from the exterior parapet/balcony. There is a floor sign that can easily be mistaken to mean ‘NO photography’! In fact it simply denotes that it is a good place to take photos from!

Within the top floor interior, are Hor Phra Kaew – a Buddha Image, several relics of note, and two further important Chinese statues.

The Stone Trees

The surrounding landscaped grounds has a good collection of petrified trees. These tree logs have been turned from wood into stone over many thousands of years by the process of petrification

The Ceramic Tile Mural

Around the perimeter of the grounds - within an attractive covered walkway, there is a huge ceramic tiled mural, which tells the story of The three Kingdoms over 56 fifty six separate but joined story paintings.

The Mural - the longest tiled painting in the world - stretches for 224 meters in several ground level balconies. each story has a descriptive plaque written in Thai and English to enable the visitor to understand the story - and the philosophy behind the superb Three Kingdoms Theme Park.

The ceramic tiles took over a year to design, manufacture and paint.


How to get to Three Kingdoms Park?

Driving from Sukhumvit Road (Highway No. 3), turn in to Soi Siam Country Club just passed the Mabprachan Reservoir on the right. There will be signs for direction to the Three Kingdoms Theme Park along the way. You will find the park just right after the Horseshoe Point Club. It is approximately 15-20mins from Pattaya City.

Selling points

  • A hidden treasure
  • Story of the Three Kingdoms Park
  • An interesting place
  • Your local theme park
  • Impressive architecture
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100, Moo 9, Tambon Pong, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand.

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Tips for you

  • The location of the park is approximately 12 kilometers far from Sukhumvit Road, Central Pattaya, so you should go there by a metered taxi or a Songthaew.
  • This place seems too far for a motorcycle taxi. Do not.
  • Make sure to come on the top floor contains Chinese statues and Buddha relics, you will have a good view of the surrounding area. In outside you will find a number of ancient Chinese warrior statues.
    Things to do
  • No food, no water nearby, it is advisable to take along.
  • Don’t forget your camera
    What to bring
  • Carefully walk on the grass, in some places a lot of ants that painful bite. Vehicles are not allowed into the grounds.
  • Try to go early morning or in the evening.
  • Opening times. Monday to friday 8am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm
  • Thai Adult: 80 Baht. Thai Child: 40 baht. Foreign (farang) Adult: 150 Baht. Foreign Child: 80 Baht
    Ticket and Pricing


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A bit off the beaten track, but once you find it, definitely worth the visit. There was nobody else there when we visited, was so quiet and peaceful. 3 beautiful ornate pagodas and walkways. A change of scenery from Buddhist Wats, beautiful oriental architecture. 150 Baht entrance fee, thai licence - 100 Baht This place needs more tourists, otherwise it is going to be lost.

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