Thong Nhat Park

Attraction 130B Le Duan, Dong Da ward, Ha Noi, Viet Nam Published on: 19-04-2017

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Thong Nhat Park has been a green lung of Hanoi for more than 50 years. Its main function to satisfy Hanoi people’s demand for entertainment and relaxation after hard working day.

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Why Thong Nhat Park is special ?

Thong Nhat Park has been a green lung of Hanoi for more than 50 years which was erected in 1958. Besides its main function to satisfy Hanoi people’s demand for entertainment, the park covers a will to unify Vietnam at that time, as its name means “reunification”. Thong Nhat Park is also well-known as another name: Lenin Park as a good will of Vietnam to commemorate Lenin on his 110th birthday.


What to explore at Thong Nhat Park?

Although Thong Nhat Park is relatively small compare to other botanical parks in the world, its total area of 50ha providing an excellent play ground as well as a training place for physical exercises and sports of the locals. Hence, strolling around and sightseeing its landscape while breathing its fresh air should be a good idea. Encompassing the park is vast area of lush grasses, high trees and colorful flowers. Thong Nhat Park is especially crowded during summer with people coming there to avoid the heat.

The park is not designed to be an amusement center. Due to this, there are not so many games or activities ones may enjoy. However, kids may still involve in games like mirror house, driving plane or train riding.

Inside Thong Nhat Park lying a seven hectares lake called “Bay Mau Lake” where people enhancing their heath by sailing swan boats and taking in cooling breeze. Couples may find their most peaceful and romantic together on the lake’s stream as well.


How to get to Thong Nhat Park?

Thong Nhat Park is located next to Hanoi Circus, about 15 minutes by bike to the Old Quarter. It is easily accessible through its three gates on Tran Quoc Toan Street, Le Duan Street and Dai Co Viet Street with a ticket price as low as 40 cents. Spending less than 10 minutes by taxi or motorbike from Hoan Kiem Lake and you will arrive at the park.

Selling points

  • For family and kids
  • A relaxing park
  • Nice place for evening stroll
  • Peaceful park with Lenin's statue
  • Pretty place to observe the local lives
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130B Le Duan, Dong Da ward, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

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Tips for you

  • You can do exercise there.
  • It is a great spot to relax with a book or enjoy a stroll without having to avoid Hanoi’s motorbikes and street vendors.
  • This is a place for celebrating outside music concerts and many voluntary activities. Cafes at the northern end of the lake serve a range of light refreshments at reasonable prices or head to Tran Nhan Thon Street for bia hoi.
  • There are not so many games or activities to enjoy
  • Due to its location between four main roads, it’s never completely quiet, but the beeping horns are more background noise than intrusive, and easy enough to block out.
  • It can be a dangerous place after dark, be careful if you go alone
  • You must be careful with the thieves
  • Pedalo is also an interesting game here, so you should try playing it.


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“Nice, peaceful park” Nice place to take an evening stroll. As the park is surrounded by busy streets, it's not totally quiet, but still a peaceful spot. Hardly saw any tourists when we were there for some reason. Lots of Vietnamese people exercising, walking around, playing ballgames or fishing in the lake though. (Had to pay a very small entrance fee to get inside.) Originally Went there to see the Lenin Statue that we thought was there, but we couldn't find it. Still it was well worth the visit.

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The park was named Thong Nhat, meaning "united," to express the hope of reunification of the people.

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