Thma Bay Kaek temple

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Thma Bay Kaek Temple is a small, insignificant Angkor ruin related to the nearby Prasat Bei. Both were built when Phnom Bakheng was the capital of Angkor.

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Why Thma Bay Kaek temple is special ?

There would be a tower facing east with a laterite terrace in front of it.

The spare remains of a brick prasat, now disappeared, leaving only a doorframe, lintel and a bit of the terrace. A sacred relic of five gold leaves, one bearing the image of Nandi (Shiva’s bull), was discovered at this site. Combine with visit to Prasat Bei and Baksei Chamkrong.


What to explore at Thma Bay Kaek temple?

In fact, there is not much to see in this temple but if you want to spend free time to look around. It can be worth a quick look.

How to get to Thma Bay Kaek temple?

Thma Bay Kaek is located between Baksei Chamkrong and the moat of Angkor Thom, about 125m west of the road that leads to the south gopura of Angkor Thom, and 175m from Prasat Bei. Just before the causeway with the rows of gods and demons, turn left on the side path, and you will reach Thma Bay Kaek.

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