Thien Vuong Pagoda

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Thien Vuong Pagoda has a superb location suited among Dalat’s refreshing hills, giving travelers who enjoy seeing both religious and natural sites more options.

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Why Thien Vuong Pagoda is special ?

Tu Bi Shrine (the shrine of Mercy) is the main hall of the whole pagoda decorated with a 3-meter statue of Buddha Maitreya of very sophisticated red lacquer and gold trim. Placed next this statue are another 0.5-meter-in-height statue of Buddha Sakyamuni together with 4 huge statues of the Four Great Heavenly Kings in the two sides of the shrine.

There is also a magic turning table in the shrine which attracts millions of tourists' curiosity. Visitors only need to put a hand on the table and order "turning left", "turning right" or "hurry up", the table will move exactly as what it was told.

Indeed, the table was made of a special wood (in Binh Dinh province) with great capacitance. That's why, when tourists put a hand on it, the electromagnetic field acts on the rotation of the table. Moreover, the table was especially designed with its separate surface and legs, which makes the legs stand still while the surface rotates. Anyhow, the turning table has been a very interesting affair to tourists and Buddhists coming to visit and worship at the pagoda.

After touring the main shrine, travelers will pass off the temple yard to Minh Quang Shrine (the shrine of Light) worshiping the Three Saints of the West, including Bodhisattva Guanyin, Buddha Amitabha and Bodhisattva Mahasthamaprapta. These are the extremely valuable statues of fragrant wood of 4 meters in height and 1.5 tons in weight that Monk Tho Da brought from Hong Kong in 1958.


Selling points

  • Scenic setting, well kept pagoda
  • Tranquil monastic place
  • Beautiful tranquil spot
  • The flowers are amazing
  • Take the Cable car
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  • There is a small flower garden to walk around, and a view overlooking the scenery.
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  • All around the lake are small cafes and restaurants where you can have a beverage or something to eat.
  • There are a few buildings with temples or shrines to see.
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