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Attraction Thích Ca Phật Đài Published on: 05-04-2019

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Thích Ca Phật Đài (Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha) is a notable Theravada Buddhist temple in the coastal city of Vung Tau in southern Vietnam.

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Why Thich Ca Phat Dai is special ?

Thích Ca Phật Đài (Platform of Shakyamuni Buddha) is a notable Theravada Buddhist temple in the coastal city of Vung Tau in southern Vietnam. It lies to the northwest of the Lớn (Big) mountain and was built between 1961 and 1963 when it was opened.

It is set on a plot of around five hectares, with a Zen Buddhist monastery at the foot of the plot and the Thích Ca Phật Đài at the top. The Zen monastery is a small brick temple built by a government official from Vung Tau in 1957. In 1961, the Buddhist association organised for a renovation of the monastery and decided to build the Thích Ca Phật Đài further up the mountain. Additional lodgings were built to cater to Buddhist pilgrims who come and visit the site.


What to explore at Thich Ca Phat Dai?

This pagoda exists exclusively for religious worship, unique in its white cement construction of the giant statue of Thich Ca Buddha sitting on a large lotus blossom. The grounds are dense with foliage, resembling a jungle and heavily populated by birds. The white colour of the statue and the stupa contrasts the blue and green background of the surrounding sky and forest. The site has become a major tourist location in the city as well as a tourist lookout.

The site of the pagoda occupies an area of 6ha on the side of Big Mountain. The beauty of the 19m high pagoda lies in the harmonious combination between the natural surroundings and the architectural structure.

How to get to Thich Ca Phat Dai?

From Vung Tau Harbour ( ferry Terminal) to Thich Ca Phat Dai pagoda.

Thich Ca Phat Dai is situated about 3km from the center of Vung Tau City.

Selling points

  • Looks simple... but spent more time alone realise the mysticsm
  • Vung Tau's Holy Relic from Buddha
  • Beautiful park-like Temple
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Thích Ca Phật Đài

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Tips for you

  • You should bring bottle water (soaking wet), mosquito repellant... wear sun screen (when it's roasting), hat, socks with grips (the steps have little grips, smooth surface)
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  • You should wear modest clothing and should not wear shorts when coming here
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Beautiful park-like Temple” This is not really one Temple, but a series of Buddhist Temples and statues, which Wikipedia has a great description of. We spent an entire morning here, slowly climbing up and up the mountain side. It seems that most tourists stop at the first building. They miss so much. Be sure to stop in the building in the picture I have posted. The young girl who lives there is an orphan being raised by a female Buddhist monk. She gave us tea, grapefruit, a bracelet, and did a beautiful dance for us. When I offered her money, she made it clear she did not want it, although we did put money int he offering slot under the Buddha in her home. Along the way there are numerous places to stop and have a drink, listen to the chants and music and birds as the prayer flags blow in the breeze. The views of the ship building harbor are beautiful. I have been to many, many Temples, and this one was special.

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