The Tran Family Home and Chapel

Attraction 21 Le Loi, Hoi An, Vietnam Published on: 25-05-2016

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The Tran Family Home and Chapel is a reflection of Vietnamese aristocracy and it also bears cultural and traditional values in it.

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Why The Tran Family Home and Chapel is special ?

The Tran Family Home and Chapel, Hoi An is one of those chapels in Hoi An, Vietnam that belong to the early nineteenth century. The chapel is a reflection of Vietnamese aristocracy and it also bears cultural and traditional values in it. To the visitors, The Tran Family Home and Chapel is a famous tourist attraction. People from all over the world come to visit this chapel.
The chapel got its name from its own builder named Tran Tu Nhuc. In the year 1802, this person made this home and chapel for the purpose of worshiping his ancestors. The chapel is designed beautifully. The design of the building reflects genius of Chinese architecture. There are many antiques and traditional gifts in the Tran Family Home and Chapel. The chapel is also a reflection of the period it was built. It has two openings in it. One of the drawing room and other is the ancestral part of the chapel.
Here the description doesn’t end. The drawing room of the chapel has separate entries for men and women. The left door is for the men and the door at the right side is only for the women. There is another door in the center of the room except these two. This door is made for the purpose of festivals like Tet etc. this is a traditional festival in which they believe that their ancestors return by the central door of the room.

What to explore at The Tran Family Home and Chapel?

Sitting amidst a 1500m2-garden of ornamental plants, flowers, fruit trees and century-old plants, with a gate and high surrounding walls is a combination of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese architecture, which has remained almost the same as two centuries ago. Made of precious wood and pan-tiles-covered roof, the house has become well-known for its Asian style of architecture: one main part for worshipping, and one supplemental part which houses the leader of family and his guests. The house and the garden were built in harmony following strictly the rules of Feng Shui. The drawing room of the chapel has separate entries for men and women: the left is for men and the right is only for women, according to old belief. There is another door in the center of the room, used for festivals such as Tet, which is said to be the door for souls of the ancestors to enter the house. 


Every year, the Tran Family Chapel is still the gathering place for all members of the family to meet and express their thankfulness to their ancestors. Also, parents in the family would educate their children about the clan’s traditions


For tourists who are in love with the unique and historical atmosphere of ancient sites, a visit to the Tran Family Chapel will be one of the most remarkable parts of Hoi An experience, as history and tradition are not only imbued in the relics of Tran Tu Nhac like a sword and a seal, but also in every corner of the house: in old family pictures, in the cozy atmostphere of the family gatherings. 


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  • “Clan House with a Shop”
  • “Mandarin family chapel with some interesting things”
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21 Le Loi, Hoi An, Vietnam

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  • Admission fee is different for Vietnamese and foreigners: VND 40,000/3 sites (Vietnamese) and VND 75,000/6 sites (foreigners).
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  • Entry is with an old town ticket (sold in books of 5), you should use one to visit an old house, but I'd recommend the more intimate Tan Ky House rather than this one.
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Tip: buy the sightseeing ticket on the Information Center. Without it is impossible to visit the houses/ temple. All of them (except the Trieu Chau Assembly Hall) require it.The Information Center staff is very rude.The house guide had a hard time trying to understand our nationality: "Belgium? No, Portugal! Belgium?!". She was completely lost until another lady came and take over of the situation.She offered us some little toasted coconut sweets. And then we visited it. She explained some cultural and familiar facts. It was nice.

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You get a 2 minutes speech about the house and then you are guided into their shop where they try to sell you everything they got. The house is interesting and I would love to learn more about it, but the guide is really bad in English and she is only interested in selling you stuff. Not worth a visit if you ask me.

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This is a major tourist trap. Taken in to see the ancient building (family home) you are quickly herded to a back room to see hand-crafted table-cloths (for sale), then whisked upstairs which is purely & simply a well stocked craft shop.

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I recall doors had shaped round poles at end, mounted in the ground & lintel, in lieu of hinges. It's also over 300 years old - older than me!

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