The Road to Vinh Hien

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This makes a great day trip by motorbike or car from Hue. Coming from Thuan An, the road winds past villages alternating with shrimp lagoons and vegetable gardens.

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Why The Road to Vinh Hien is special ?

Thuan An Beach, 15km northeast of Hue, is on the splendid Tam Giang–Cau Hai Lagoon near the mouth of the Perfume River, at the tip of a long thin island. It’s quite undeveloped except for a few kiosks, but between September and April the water’s often too rough for swimming. Beyond the beach a 50km road stretches the length of the island from Thuan An to Vinh Hien. This makes a great day trip by motorbike or car from Hue. Coming from Thuan An, the road winds past villages alternating with shrimp lagoons and vegetable gardens. Look out for the colourful and opulent graves and family temples lining the road. From Vinh Hien, Tu Hien Bridge connects the island to the mainland, where the road hugs the southeastern shore of the lagoon all the way to Highway 1.


What to explore at The Road to Vinh Hien?

On the outskirts of Thuan An you'll see an endless array of Vietnamese-style mausoleums, and as you continue on down the road, the local character of the area really starts to come out. The road seems to be clogged with students on bicycles almost no matter what time of day or day of the week, and you'll get plenty of 'Hellos' as you drive by -- foreigners are still pretty rare in these parts.

The road leads to Vinh Hien, where there is a newly-constructed bridge crossing the lagoon. You used to have to take a ferry, which was lots of fun, but those days are gone.

Once you're across the lagoon, there's a rough, winding road alongside it through the hills, with stunning views of the water along the way. It eventually crosses the railroad tracks and hooks up with highway 1A. At that point you can take a left if you like and head down to Elephant Springs, or a right to return to Hue -- you'll find Bach Ma National Park on your left along the way, but that's a day-trip in itself.


How to get to The Road to Vinh Hien?

The best way to get there is by car or by bike. You ca hire a private viechile to make a nice trip.

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