The Green Village

Attraction Jalan Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 23-03-2016

2 hours 30 mins
09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
09:00 AM
11:30 AM
Second-time visit
28.00 USD

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Green Village is a master-planned community of eighteen dramatically unique homes, hand-constructed by the Ibuku team. Each home is custom designed and rigorously engineered to embody the inherent strengths and versatility of bamboo

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Why The Green Village is special ?


Our half-day tours begin at the PT Bamboo Factory, just across the river from Green School. We will take you on an informative walk through the bamboo factory where the architecture of the Green School campus was conceptualized and constructed. The tour continues on to Green Village, where you’ll experience a community of one-of-a-kind bespoke bamboo homes.


Visit PT Bamboo Pure, the headquarters of our factory, workshop, and design space. Watch the process as bamboo gets treated, cut and crafted into the furniture.


Visit this community of unconventional homes clustered along the slopes of Bali’s beautiful Ayung River. See spectacular houses constructed entirely by hand of locally sourced bamboo, rising up to six floors.


Explore the imaginative campus of Green School with its fifty plus bamboo structures, surrounded by forest and rice fields. Learn about their use of alternative energy sources and their focus on creativity and culture.


What to explore at The Green Village?


Tour are available on Monday to Friday exclude public holiday

Morning tour itinerary:

Starts 9:00 AM-10:15 AM: at Green School

10:30 AM-11:15 AM: tour at Bamboo Factory

11:30 AM-12:15 PM: Lunch break

12:30 PM- 1:15 PM: tour finish at Green Village

ADULTS $35/pax (lunch exclude) $42/pax (lunch include)

KIDS 7-16 $22/pax (lunch exclude) $28/pax (lunch include)

KIDS UNDER 7 FREE to join the tour


Tour are available on Monday to Friday exclude public holiday

12:30 PM- 1:15 PM: tour at Green Village (visit our Bamboo House)

1:30 PM-2:15 PM: Tour Bamboo Factory (last Point)

Come early to Green Village if you wish to have lunch before the tour and use our salt water pool.

ADULTS $28/pax (lunch exclude) $35/pax (lunch include)

KIDS 7-16 $17/pax (lunch exclude) $24/pax (lunch include)

KIDS UNDER 7 FREE to join the tour



Learn how to make a bamboo architectural model in this one-of-a-kind course taught at the bamboo factory. The design-build team at Ibuku is unique to the world in its process of creating scaled structural models made of hand-whittled bamboo sticks. The models are replicated in 3D lines on the computer for engineers to study before a project is finalized. Take an impressive skill away from Bali with you, and come learn this unique process in a 2-hour modeling class.

Class is available on Tuesday , Wednesday, and

Thursday at 3:PM. Shall you need different

timing, please let us know.

2 HOURS $55/person


house building workshop

If you want hands-on experience building with bamboo, this is the workshop for you. Come to Bali and participate in a 3-day workshop in which you learn the basics of how Ibuku’s design-build team takes a scaled bamboo model and turns it into a real but incredible-looking building. This workshop will cover a range of building techniques that are essential to constructing in bamboo.

The Workshop Will be done a month with the dates for the workshop will be :

19th-21st Febuary 2016

25th-27th March 2016

22nd-24th April 2016

27th-29th May 2016

3 DAYS $110/person/day


Bambu Indah - Organic Coconut - Tai Power Seeff Photography

Learn the secret powers and uses of the coconut tree. As one of the world’s most valuable trees, it provides us with refreshing electrolyte-filled water and tasty meat, as well as oil brooms, thatch for roofs, timber for building, charcoal for fuel and soaps, and more! Come discover how the Balinese people have been wisely utilizing this wonder tree for centuries in a 4 hours workshop.

4 HOURS $55/person


The techniques for connecting bamboo to bamboo in the incredible structures of the Green School campus and Green village community have redefined sustainable architecture worldwide. By reinventing joinery techniques, the design-build team at Ibuku is also stretching the rules and standards of what a building can look like. Learn how to be a part of this sustainable design revolution through this 2-hour bamboo joinery workshop.

Class is available on Tuesday , Wednesday, and

Thursday at 3:PM. Shall you need different timing, please let us know.

2 HOURS $55/person



The tradition of making and playing the Jegog has been passed down from one generation to another among musical guilds in the village of Jembrana, Bali. Each instrument has eight bamboo keys base on a four-note scale. Learn to build and play this unique Balinese Gamelan variation under the guidance of a Jegog master. We will pack your Jegog so you can take it home.

INSTRUMENT MAKING (2 hours) $83/person

LEARN TO PLAY JEGOG (2 hours) $83/person

BOTH WORKSHOPS COMBINED (4 hours) $132/person


Selling points

  • Totally amazing and inspiring
  • Very interesting use of bamboo
  • Well worth the trip to see this !
  • Amazing Green Houses made from Bamboo
  • A big dream with bamboo
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Jalan Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • They do not allow photos to be taken by guests, however, you can see them on their website.
    What to know
  • The best part is, you can actually stay here!
    What to know
  • The afternoon tour takes you to all three sites - Green village, bamboo factory & Green school, takes half the day.
    What to know
  • You can rent a couple of the homes if you want to stay there overnight.
    Things to do
  • It is worth going to the bamboo factory first to understand how bamboo construction materials are made
  • The tour requires quite a bit of walking up and down hills and steps, so it would be a challenge if you have limited mobility, but it is a great workout if you don't.


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Its the greatest place to visit in Bali. 99% of the buildings are made from bamboo. The Tour Guide Ani is very friendly. Do book for your tour with them to explore this wonderful green village, bamboo factory and green school. You will definitely feel "wow wow wow" on their ideas and their passion towards the important of "GREEN"

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We booked the tour online but due to our flight delay therefore we arrive at the location 1 hour late which the tour has been started. We called green village to check if we can just come by to visit the space but however due to this is a private villas and hotel therefore it is not open for visitor unless you stay there or come for the tour. Ani- the receptionist made an exceptional favor for us to go ahead with the tour at Bamboo factory first, then back to green village for a private tour which led by two ladies. The bamboo factory is something you will love if you love the design process and interested to know more about the art of making the building/ how they treat the bamboo. That place is not some place fancy with aircon but a real workshop with wood / bamboo and lots of dust. The tour guide explains to us the different type of bamboo and how they use each of them in their designs. My husband is amazed by the concept and the use of bamboo and comment that if you never come to bamboo factory, all you know about the bamboo house is just shallow. Overall thumbs up for the whole creativity and designs of the architectural. Worth a visit.

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