The French Quarter

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French Quarter is a very beautiful place in the city. The wonderful city of Dalat has developed into a very popular tourist destination in the recent past.

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Why The French Quarter is special ?

The Old French Quarter, Dalat is a very beautiful place in the city. The wonderful city of Dalat has developed into a very popular tourist destination in the recent past. At present the place is visited by lot of travelers who come here from various corners of the world for pleasure trips and also for business purposes. The city has lot to offer to the tourists coming here. The presence of very good facilities of transportation enables the visitors to move around the city very comfortably. When in Dalat the travelers must not forget to pay a visit to the Old French Quarter, Dalat. The place can be reached very easily from any corner of the city.

The Old French Quarter, Dalat has hardly changed and the place is preserved very beautifully. The tourists must take a stroll around this Old French Quarter in Dalat and explore the area carefully. The long avenue of villas at the Old French Quarter was built in between 1800 and 1920. At the center of this place there are two Art Nouveau hotels. Both the hotels have been refurbished beautifully. The stay in any of these hotels will be a wonderful experience for all. The visitors can experience the unique qualities of French architecture from very close quarters. Each and every section of the Old French Quarter, Dalat depicts the French style of architecture. The visit here will surely be remembered by everyone.


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  • Europe in Vietnam
  • A pleasant sight
  • A reminder of a colonial past
  • A piece of history
  • Interesting to see
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OK - firstly the photos that HAD been loaded on TA are not the French Quarter - secondly the TA map is not correct - the location is Tran Hung Dao St, Ward 10, Dalat - start at Dalat end where the 6 roads meet at the roundabout. As you progress the first villa - trashed - you can climb into - but beware several of these have syringes on the floor! It was a beautiful villa but has had fireplaces, bathroom , kitchen and floor tiles all ripped out. A real shame. As you progress you will see several large detached villas - some renovated - some locked up or closed. They have the French style and overlook the water. You MAY chance at walking inside some of the grounds as I did - see pics. There are about 7 villas this side. At the end of the street cross and walk back - there are 5 or so more villas - in better condition, some used as restaurants etc. When you get to Dinh II (a gated community) no more are visible from the street. It is a shame that so many are unused or wrecked - like it or not the French colonialism was a period of Vietnam's history - it could be a genuine attraction for tourists.. Enjoy!

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