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Shopping 366 Soko Muhogo St, Zanzibar, Tan-da-ni-a Published on: 18-11-2017

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The Coins Shop is now a constantly growing craftsmen company based in Zanzibar Island,East Africa.

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Why The Coins Shop is special ?

Somewhere above the sea,on top of the rocks,under the sound of the slamming waves,an artist felt inspired and fascinated by the amount of art,history and beauty that has been sealed forever on a coin.

His name was Phamilly,the island was called Mykonos,the year was 2008.

There was so much to be shown and so little to be seen on each coin that he held.

They were coins that he have kept from each place he had travelled to.

Coins that had so much history and little pieces of his own memories that he kept within them.He took a saw and patiently cut around each coin image that he found himself fascinated by.He could now see it all with just a single glance !

The coins turned into a framed piece of art,a jewellery that he had never worn before,and it meant so much to him.Now those memories were glorified.

He had a wife,she was impressed and overwhelmed.

She could see all his passion and beyond,she could see his talent.

Little did they know about how much is yet to come.

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366 Soko Muhogo St, Zanzibar, Tan-da-ni-a

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