The Cham village of An Giang

Attraction Châu Phong tx. Tân Châu An Giang Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Cham villages of An Giang conserve Vietnamese cultural and historical value. It’s a great place to learn about Cham People’s Culture and their weave fabric.

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Why The Cham village of An Giang is special ?

The Cham Village in An Giang are Muslims so their culture and customs are quite different from other peoples in the region, arousing the curiosity of tourists to the province.

The first impression of the Cham village on visitors is the stilt houses which have three pillars and three tiled roofs. In these houses, Cham men wear round hats, long-sleeve shirts and sarong (traditional Cham dress) while Cham women wear long dresses, bands on their heads and veils on their faces. Cham women embroider head bands, scarves, handbags and xarong and the men sell various products. A few of these villagers raise oxen and cattle and fish the river.


What to explore at The Cham village of An Giang?

Visit a Cham village in the Mekong Delta to learn about a rare culture. Visiting this peaceful village on the Hau River, tourists can contemplate many mosques which are distinguished with unique architecture and meticulous decorations. Aside from buying traditional craft products, tourists can experience the simple and peaceful life in a wooden stilt house by booking a home stay.

To promote their culture, many young Chams have learned English to become tour guides and many families receive guests for home stays. Tourists can learn some of the Muslim rituals and customs and the traditional festivals of the Cham people.


Selling points

  • Unique Cham People’s Culture
  • The largest ethnic Cham communities in Vietnam
  • Cham people’s weaving techniques
  • Enjoy delicious Cham delicacies
  • Scarves, sarongs and clothes available for sell
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Châu Phong tx. Tân Châu An Giang Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You can enjoy specialties of the village such as goat curry or some of the cakes. Dishes are really nice and present the indigenous cuisine of the Cham people.
  • To woo tourists and introduce them to the intricacies of the Cham handicrafts, numerous families have set up looms alongside the stalls so tourists can watch them working.
    What to know
  • Guests to a Cham house are invited to sit on a mat and are served tea and cakes.
  • You can see Cham people weave brocade and learn some basic weaving techniques from them at their house.
    Things to do
  • At most Cham villages, you can buy scarves, sarongs and clothes made by Cham women.
    What to buy


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The Cham people in Vietnam accounts for very small pecentage of population. The best place to explore Cham people and their interesting culture is the Cham Village in An Giang province. Come here you will see how people made the beautifully famous weaving products, and how they live their daily life as well as how they celebrate their belief at the charming mosque in town. If you want to explore new things, it’s a great place!

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