The Blue Lagoon

Attraction Nusa Ceningan, Nusapenida, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 25-03-2016

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Blue Lagoon Beach is an idyllic beach with a couple of cafes and gentle, family-friendly surf.

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Why The Blue Lagoon is special ?

The Blue Lagoon Beach is clean and water is quite sheer so it's easy to see what's underneath. Another good thing, there are not many people there Blue Lagoon is close to Padangbai harbour. Known as an underwater paradise, the water is warm and the marine life is abundant.

You may well see clouds of ultraviolet fish daubed with splashes of luminous orange, followed by shoals of black fish with tails shaped like the head of a spanner, you might even see a fish in a leopard-print coat, and if you look carefully, you will notice cleverly camouflaged creatures hiding in the reef crevices. The coastline borders a coral garden where you can snorkel among psychedelic fish.

Padangbai is a major harbour for ferries to Lombok as well as for smaller boats to Nusa Penida. It is a very picturesque village, with semi-circular hills surrounding a sparkling blue bay. It is also home to a famous temple, Pura Silayukti, where the Buddhist sage Mpu Kuturan is said to have lived in the 11th century.


What to explore at The Blue Lagoon?

Blue Lagoon Beach is a great beach for snorkeling. The coral reef is right up to the shore and is very pretty. Best way is to enter on the far left side, where there is a coral-less canal that leads to the snorkling site. There are two restaurants with reasonable food, showers, chairs and snorkeling gear. The beach is easily accessible. To reach Blue Lagoon Beach, head east on foot over the prominent headland at the eastern end of the main bay. Follow the signs that say Blue Lagoon. Note that wading through the water can be both frustrating and dangerous due to an abundance of coral and submerged rocks.

There is good snorkeling in the bay, though the snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon or White Sand Beach is much better. Beware of the current and remember basic safety rules, such as never to snorkel alone and not to swim to far off in a place that you do not know. Several small shops in the main street of Padang Bai rent snorkeling equipment. They can also organise traditional jukung boats to bring you to the best spots and greatly increase your safety. On a calm day expect lots of fish and great visibility.


Selling points

  • Small and beautiful
  • Beautiful spot
  • Another Nice place
  • So many fish!
  • Good snorkelling
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Nusa Ceningan, Nusapenida, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • It's a small crescent of a beach, with light sand and the water contains lots of chances to see underwater life and flora. A quiet nice place to relax.
  • There are so many different species of fish to see
    What to see
  • It's just near the Padangbai Beach and down from the Blue Lagoon Resort,
  • Would recommend to visit lagoon beach when you are in pandangbai.
  • Snorkeling or relaxing could be a choice to enjoy this place.
    Things to do
  • There are some submarine option,some shops,massage etc.
    Things to do


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This was an amazing snorkelling experience! There were so many different species of fish to look at and they were very comfortable with us being there. Some came so close you could have touched them! Only downfall is the amount of rubbish floating on the surface of the water :( Our visit coincided with the Bali wet season so there were a lot of little jellyfish but the stings were just annoying and not dangerous or overly painful. All in all it was a fantastic experience!

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just near the Padangbai Beach and down from the Blue Lagoon Resort, the beach has a brick built stand with lounge chairs and services. It's a small crescent of a beach, with light sand and the water contains lots of chances to see underwater life and flora. A quiet nice place to relax.

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