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Wat That Chomsi has become a symbol of Luang Prabang’s spiritual significance to Laos .Wat That Chomsi has become a symbol of Luang Prabang’s spiritual significance to Laos

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Why That Chomsi Stupa is special ?

Due to its particular position on top of the hill, the that or stupa after which it is named is rectangular in shape and rests on a three-tiered base with lotus-flower designs in the four corners. From foot to tip, the stupa measures 21 metres. A terrace at the foot of the stupa offers an unrivalled panoramic view of the town.

The Stupa is reachable after climbing the 300 steps when all the way up the hill consists of various temples, beautiful shady trees and a magnificent view of the river. At half way up the hill there is Wat Tham Phousi Shrine that consists of a big–bellied Buddha snuggled in a grotto. The temple also consists of another Buddha statue in a reclining position.

A terrace at the foot of the stupa offers an 360° panoramic view of the town. A MUST DO, especially in the evening, during the sunset, when the golden Stupa reflects the last light rays on one of its face.

During the Pimai Festival, woman carry flower offerings up the stairs and leave as offerings at the foot of the stupa.

Selling points

  • “Cool, serene and mystical”
  • “Temple on Top of Phousi Hill”
  • “Top of Luang Prapang”
  • “Another shrine on top of a hill”
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Ban Phousi

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Tips for you

  • Best to come in time for sunset but bring a torch or flashlight with you.
  • There was nothing there except a gong and a small temple.
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The golden stupa is a longstanding spiritual pillar to the people of this ancient city of Luang Prabang, It shines like a beacon lightening the candles in the hearts of every devotee. Opposite the Royal Palace, there is a long flight of staircase that goes directly up to the summit. Half way of the staircase, you need to pay entrance fee of 20,000 kips in order to access to the summit. Most visitors flooded the area around the stupa during the evening to view the crimson sunset at the Mekong River. At the summit on the other side of the stupa, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of the old city with her greenery by the river side. From the summit, you can follow the stairs and descend to another side of the mountain. There are many Buddha statues along this side of the road. I like the cool weather in Luang Prabang especially up here at Mt Phousi. I was gasping for breath after the exhaustive long flight of stairs but the moment I reached the summit, I was stunned by the tranquility and serenity of the place and the gorgeous panoramic view of the city. The whole place appeared so mystically beautiful with the many golden Buddha statues and the visit of the few saffron clad monks. At the other side of the road down, it was quietness and calmness. I could listen to every murmur of my heart and every breath out of my nose. The many drifting anxious thoughts in my mind calmly settled down into a meditative state as I focussed on every step I took down the hill and on every breath out of my nose. That Chomsi Stupa, a beacon at the summit of Mount Phousi, resembles a lotus flower that blossoms out of the mud, showering love, compassion and blessing to this lovely UNESCO city of Luang Prabang.

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