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Attraction That Byin Nyu, Bagan, Burma Published on: 13-11-2015

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Thatbyinnyu temple was built in 1144 A.D by King Alaungsithu, the grandson of Kyansittha. This is the tallest temples of all monuments in Bagan; 61m high overlooking the Bagan scene.

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Why That Byin Nyu Temple is special ?

Thatbyinnyu meaning "Omniscience" was built in 1144 A.D by King Alaungsithu, the grandson of Kyansittha. This is the tallest temples of all monuments in Bagan; 61m high overlooking the Bagan scene.

Thatbyinnyu Temple is shaped like a cross, but is not symmetrical. The temple is a four-storeyed building with four corridors and seven terraces attached. The top terrace is the best place to see the best view of Bagan as well as the sunset and sunrise. The architecture of the temple signifies the finest of Myanmar culture. The corners are amazingly straight and the two tiers of windows perfectly admit light and air.


What to explore at That Byin Nyu Temple?

Three receding terraces rise above each storey, ornamented with crenellated parapets and corner stupas. Above the terraces of the upper storey rises a curvilinear spire, surmounted by a slim, tapering stupa which takes the temple up to a height of 201 feet. The great height of the temple and the vertical lines of the ornamental features-the plain pilasters, the flame-like arch pediments, the corner stupas-give a soaring effect to the Thatbyinnyu.

The eastern portico has a central stairway guarded by two standing door-guardians. The stairway leads to an intermediate storey where a corridor runs around the central mass. Two tiers of windows along the walls make the interior bright and airy, but the walls are bare of painting except for some traces in the western portico.

Two stairs built into the thickness of the walls provide access to the terrace above the eastern portico, from where an external flight of stairs leads to the upper storey. Here, a huge image of the Buddha is seated on a masonry throne. A further flight of narrow stairs built into the thickness of the walls leads to the terraces above the upper storey.

The terraces of the Thatbyinnyu provide a good panoramic view of Bagan- of the green and brown landscape, the innumerable monuments, the broad Ayeyarwaddy river, and the distant hills to the east and west.

To the southwest of the Thatbyinnyu are two tall stone pillars with foliations in an inverted V pattern.

To the northeast of the Thatbyinnyu is the small gayocho or "tally" temple. To keep count of the bricks in the building of the Thatbyinnyu, one brick was set aside for every 10,000 used, and this small temple was built with the bricks thus set aside.


How to get to That Byin Nyu Temple?

Thatbyinnyu Temple takes 20 minutes driving from Nyaung U Airport. Local taxi and horse cart is easy to catch at the airport. E-bikes (electric bicycles) and e-scooters are available from many shops in town from 3,000-6,000 kyats for a a trip to the temple.

Selling points

  • Breathtaking view from the top
  • Cool looking outside, cool temperature inside
  • Spectacular temple with fascinating view
  • The highest temple in Bagan
  • Great destination to learn about history.
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That Byin Nyu, Bagan, Burma

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Tips for you

  • There are some vendors around, you can stop to buy some drink.
  • You should bring sunblock, caps to avoid being hot.
    What to bring
  • You should bring plenty of cash because there is no ATM in this area.
    What to bring
  • You should bring your camera to caught the fascinating sightseeing of this mountain, but you should ask permission if you want to take photos inside the temple.
  • Once arrived in the monastery area, please take off shoes and socks as is usual in Burmese temples.
  • You should keep a clean environment in this historic area.
  • You should wear the polite clothes when visiting the reverent temple.
    What to wear
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • You should save your individual materials carefully.
  • You can get a free tour guide to learn more this temple.
  • There is no parking lot, but you can park in front of the gate of temple.


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This is the tallest temple in Bagan and a must see. As some of the other reviewers have stated, it's busy (it is one of the most popular and well-known temples, after all) so there are vendors set up along the entrance and it isn't as elaborate on the inside, but it's definitely worth a visit to marvel at it from the outside and do a quick walk-through the interior. The size is impressive! It's fairly easy to find from the main road. We rented bicycles and while some other temples were difficult to reach by bike with all the dust and dirt, this one was just a short and quick ride from the main paved road. Be sure to see it in the dark as well. It's one of the few temples that are lit up at nighttime and it's beautiful. We watched the sunrise and sunset from a different point every evening and morning while in Bagan, and it was the highlight of our trip. There are no words to adequately describe Bagan. It's so amazing that words just don't do it justice. Being there and experiencing it for yourself is the only way to fully understand!

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