Thap Ba Hot Spring

Attraction Ngô Đến, Vĩnh Phước, tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hoà, Vietnam Published on: 04-03-2016

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Thap Ba Hot Springs Center, located behind the Po Nagar Cham Tower, known as Thap Ba, claims to be the first in Vietnam to offer hot spring and mud bathing.

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Why Thap Ba Hot Spring is special ?

The Thap Ba Hot Springs Center, located behind the Po Nagar Cham Tower, better known as Thap Ba, claims to be the first in Vietnam to offer hot spring and mud bathing.

The inorganic mud comes from rocks and volcanic ash and is claimed to be both effective physical therapy and a cure for complexion problems.

Proponents of hot spring baths also say they help cure inflammations and fix endocrine disorders.

The mud used at the center is pumped up from underground into small pools then mixed with mineral water piped in from the Vinh Phuong Commune some four kilometers away.


What to explore at Thap Ba Hot Spring?

Before immersion in the mud, visitors are advised to bathe in hot water. The mineral water can be as hot as 40 degrees Celsius before it is sprayed onto guests.

After bathing, guests enter wooden tubs and soak in the mud before taking a long sun bath that bakes the mud into a crusty shell. The mud-bather then drops back into the some mineral water for a much-needed cleansing.

The center, run by Sao Mai 21st Century Ltd., has some 25 hot springs and a dozen mud baths, each individually named to supposedly lend them a personalized touch.

There are also heart-shaped pools for couples, swimming pools for adults and kids, and special pools for the elderly.

Soaking in a hot spring alone costs VND50,000 for adults, VND25,000 for children.

The center also has a large swimming pool for adults and another for children. Entrance fees are VND30,000 and VND10,000 respectively.

For those who prefer a private bath, try the “V.I.P. Spa,” which consists of 14 rooms covering 2,000 sq.m. Guests are provided with a health examination, sauna or steam bath, mud and hot spring baths, and a full-body massage using essential oils. Prices are $105 for a single room, $170 for a double and $240 for a “luxury” room.

Besides mud bathing, visitors can bathe under hot artificial mineral water falls whose temperatures range around 40 degrees Celsius mark.


How to get to Thap Ba Hot Spring?

The Thap Ba Hot Springs offers a twice daily shuttle service for $30,000 dong per person, which equates to around $1.80 AUD.

To get to the Thap Ba Hot Springs, drive north from the center of Nha Trang to the Ha Ra Bridge. Cross that, then continue on to cross the Xom Bong Bridge. After some 300 meters more, turn left and the hot springs center will lie about two kilometers ahead.

Selling points

  • A good place for mud bath
  • Lovely and relaxing, reasonably priced
  • Great and relaxing for the whole family
  • Great day out: cheap, relaxing and lots of pools
  • Good Value and relaxing
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Ngô Đến, Vĩnh Phước, tp. Nha Trang, Khánh Hoà, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • Toilet is clean and comfortable.
  • For $20,000 dong ($1.21 AUD), you can hire a locker to stow your belongings.
  • A restaurant is located on site, so you can plan to spend lunch there if you’d like.
  • Before you’re allowed to slide into your assigned mud pool (all the pools are numbered) you have to wash first.
  • You should bring your bathing suit and towel
    What to bring
  • It is located at Ngo Den Vinh Phuoc, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.
  • There are range of price, you should visit the official website to get detail information.
    Ticket and Pricing


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The hot springs and mud baths themselves are a great experience, however ruined by other tourists there. We enjoyed that they rinsed out the tubs and let you go with your small group in a small tub with new mud. Buckets were provided to pour it on as well, we had a great time! We hired towels, so we wouldn't dirty our own and have to do more washing, however these were taken by other guests anyway, so there was no point and that was a waste if money. The mineral baths were very hot, and they make you shower under high pressure before getting in, to ensure we are clean. The other pools were like any normal public pool, busy, children under supervised splashing you as they jump in, and people without any personal space. One of the more horrifying moments was seeing a young teenager in the nude walking around, with no one suggesting to him to wear clothes, other than the looks on our faces, and the speedy movement to get out of his way. This attraction was to busy for our liking, with over priced food that was not enjoyable, with staff attempting to triple charge us for drinks, being rude about it. However the mud baths were very enjoyable in small groups. The behaviour of men towards woman (being a group of 5 young women) we found appalling. They were creepy, very obviously taking photos of us, staring, laughing, making provocative comments to make us feel uncomfortable.

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Excellent place, friendly staff, relaxing packages, very close to Nha Trang. I will definitely visit again

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