Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

Attraction Duy Tân, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam Published on: 17-06-2016

1 hours 30 mins
08:30 AM - 05:30 PM
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Specialty Museum
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Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is a terracotta miniature park, history and future of terracotta, history of Thanh Ha pottery village, information about other Vietnamese terracotta villages.

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Why Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is special ?

The Thanh Ha village was famous for its pottery, bricks and tiles. Especially the unique Ying and Yang tiles which you can still see on many roofs in the old city of Hoi An. There is so much beautiful to build with bricks. There is a reason why so many visitors want to visit the Cham temples nearby in My Son. The red bricks, typical for the clay in the region, are also used for the building of the museum. The Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is designed, build and founded by Nguyen Van Nguyen and asociates.

Like the village is completely surrounded by water, the museum is completely surrounded by the village. Its interior is designed like the houses of the pottery craftsman: the kiln (oven), the potter’s wheel, the workshop and the place for presentation. Eating and sleeping is done where there is place left. There is a small restaurant and two guest rooms for the artists in residence, who work and live in the museum.


What to explore at Thanh Ha Terracotta Park?

When you go to creative area in the Thanh Ha park, in front of multitudinous the ceramic products, in front of ingenuity of skill artisans, in front of plastic clay attraction, want to create a product according to the imagination yourseft as a souvenir for your trip. Here, craftsmans are friendly to help you.

When you visit the museum, in this will save all products and ancestor's domestic appliances through some particular work (miniature buildings, ceramic drawings, ceramic films). Visitors can look, touch to potter's wheels, Thanh Hà ceramic oven over time; terra-cotta products, pottery, porcelain, relics, culture heritage and spiritual belief of the village ...All values of objects and intangible objects will be respectably stored in this.

Besides, at Thanh Ha Terracotta Park, one can visit their musuem, admire the miniature building or join in a tour to know more about the place...


Selling points

  • Very original, old and picturesque place
  • Cute thing to do, definitely bike there
  • Secret attraction near hoi an. Perfect short trip
  • Wonderful peaceful artistic place
  • Nice attraction with mini sculptures
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Duy Tân, tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • The entrance fee for Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is 30,000 VND/adult and 15,000VND/children and student.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Notice that at the small parking there is ticket office for Pottery Village and you need separate ticket to Thanh Ha Terracotta Park.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • It is a little tricky to find so get clear directions before you go.
  • They have some games to play along with painting of pottery with water colors.
    Things to do


TripAdvisor View more

I travel a fair bit and I am often on my own. As a single female traveler, I always need to be wary: that guy who seems "so nice" might not actually be! So when I went to the Pottery Village on my bicycle towards the end of a long day of cycling around the beautiful countryside, I was as usual on guard when a young looking tour-guide approached me in the museum. Let me just say meeting Hoanh was the absolute highlight of my trip. More on that shortly, I'll quickly review the village and the museum first. I actually loved the museum. The pottery was interesting, the setting simply idyllic, and if you were into this sort of thing, you could even learn how to throw pottery on a wheel (perfect for young and old alike I'm sure!!) If you weren't into that you could sit and sip a lovely cold beer while watching life unfold before you. Really, something for everyone. The village was a bit of a let down: tons of shops selling stuff, just more of the same, only this time what they were selling was rustic pottery. I'm glad I went and some of the side streets were pretty cool, but the museum was the highlight. The museum is free to enter, you pay a small fee to enter the town itself though. Absolutely worth it and there is even a lady in one of the stalls who will give you a free pottery whistle with your entry fare. Ok, back to my friend Hoanh. This young man works at the museum and it is his job to make guests welcome and experience the museum comfortably. He LOVES to improve his English and as we talked and he learned I had a few more days to kill in Hoi An, he offered to take me around on his motorbike and show me a less-touristy side of the city. I was, of course, instantly suspicious, but as we talked more and he mentioned other visitors he had done this with (and once I contacted them to be sure he was legit) I realized he really DID want to hang out with a native English speaker to improve his abilities. We set up a time the next day for him to pick me up and then we had an AMAZING day He really didn't want to take money from me but of course I insisted (in fact he is having a baby and so I finally told him it was for his baby). He took me to a small village where his auntie lives, through tiny towns, into the water palm forest and onto little basket boats! I paid all the entry fees (mere pennies, really) and TRIED to buy him food and water but he often beat me to that. If you are lucky enough to meet Hoanh and spend a day with him, please be generous: things seem very cheap in Vietnam to us Westerners...please don't be cheap yourself! By the way, I was on my own, so could fit on his bike. He could take a couple around by taxi, obviously you would have to pay for the taxi. Even though Hoanh was great, I do want to be clear that the museum itself is an absolute treat. it has lovely spots to lounge and relax if you've had a busy day, and the little miniatures are really spectacularly well done!

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