Thanh Cong Market

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Thanh Cong is one of hundred markets in Hanoi. The place offers fresh produce to cater to the daily needs of people.

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Why Thanh Cong Market is special ?

Thanh Cong Market, like others place in Hanoi, is situated in a residential area, without official permission. People often have to close off entire streets to make room for the meets. While inconvenient to some, this offers great opportunities for most, as fresh food is sometimes only a walk down the stair away.

Wet market not only serves the intended purpose well, gradually it has also grown into one important part of the Vietnamese culture, a tradition of sort. It has become a place where people meet and talk, enjoy the sight of familiar faces, and blend in with the flow of life. They come to indulge in the sights and smells, and bask in the glory of all that is so familiar yet so rich in culture. They are here to remind themselves that this is what the people have been doing for thousands of years.


What to explore at Thanh Cong Market?

It’s such a big mistake if Thanh Cong market is not listed as a best Hanoi street food market. You don’t need to ride around Hanoi to find your favorite street dishes anymore. They are all available here. From noodle, rice porridge, sweet gruel to cake, they are all tasty and cheap. There are many types of salads such as dried beef salad, banana blossom salad, etc. In chilly days, don’t forget to come here and enjoy hot dishes like banh goi, fried dumpling, clam rice porridge, etc.


How to get to Thanh Cong Market?

Thanh Cong Market is located on Thanh Cong Street, in the south of Hanoi West Lake. You can easily take a taxi to get there.

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Khu tập thể Bắc Thành Công, Thành Công, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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