Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden)

Attraction Teresa Teng Memorial Park Published on: 18-11-2015

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Once you entered Jinbao Mountain, besides being besotted by the surrounding scenery, the memory of Teresa Teng, sometimes intimately called little Teng

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Why Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden) is special ?

Once you entered Jinbao Mountain, besides being besotted by the surrounding scenery, the memory of Teresa Teng, sometimes intimately called little Teng may overwhelm your emotion because it is here that lies the tomb of this patriotic singer who was the forever darling of the army. On May 8, 1995 the Chinese speaking community was shocked by the tragic news of the death of their singing idol. Teresa was found dead of asthma while holidaying in Ching Mai, Thailand. At that time she was only 42 years old. Because of her popularity, a lot of people wished to pay tribute to Teresa. To satisfy the wishes of these fans, the Teng family members had chosen the picturesque Jinbao Mountain and built a tomb for Teresa, naming it after her maiden name as Yun Garden so that her fans could come to pay tribute in reminiscence of their idol at will.

There are also other monuments, and sculptures of some very famous people who rest here in peace.

Source: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/

What to explore at Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden)?

Most of the tourists comes from west probably have no idea about her, but Teresa Teng was once a popular and most influential Chinese pop singer from Taiwan. In 1995 she died from a severe asthma attack when she was on her holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Yun Garden becomes Teresa Teng's eternal resting place where a place for fans and visitor to pay their respect. You can see a piano in the center of garden plays Teresa Teng's masterpiece, such as 「My Love」, 「I Only Care about You」, and 「The Moon Represents My Heart」. Not only Taiwanese fan are here to visit but there are also other fans from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Another thing you may interesting to see is the graveyard. this graveyard is the most expensive graveyard in north Taiwan where has the great feng shui.(geomancy)And inside there, are a lot of rock sculptures telling different kind of stories.

Source: http://www.firststoptaiwan.com/

How to get to Teresa Teng Memorial Park (Yun Garden)?


Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Jijin Interchange → Prov. Hwy 2 → Township Road North 23 → Township Road North 23-1 → Teresa Teng Memorial Park


THSR Taipei Station (or TRA Taipei Station) → Kuo-Kuang Bus (bound for Jin Mountain (Jinshan) Youth Activity Center) to Jin Mountain (Jinshan) stop → take a taxi to Teresa Teng Memorial Park

Source: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/

Selling points

  • A must for any Teresa Teng fans
  • Amazing view from Teresa Teng Memorial park!
  • Nice views
  • Great Place to Visit for Teresa's Fan
  • Asia Diva, it was tribute to Teresa Teng
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Teresa Teng Memorial Park

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Tips for you

  • There is also a big piano which you can play it, and hear the sound.
  • You should drop by into the rock sculpture garden at the nearby temple as the number of rock statues is astounding.


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“Amazing view from Teresa Teng Memorial park!” By coincidence, without planning on the way to visit Junming gallery on Christmas day, we found out that it just nearby hence our visit. The place is just the opposite way of Junming art gallery which is on the left on the same Qin Shan (Gold mountain). As we travelled up the memorial park, we noticed the well structured and designed church and the temple which are just next to each other were astoundingly elite! We only managed to see the inside of the church on our way home which was pretty amazing & beautiful. Teresa's tomb was very well maintained with an old man offering us a joss stick to pay our respect to her. Her tomb is a huge marble slab with a carved Mother Mother embracing her at the top situated under some shady trees from a little forest behind it. There is also a gold figurine of her in a singing position surrounded by a treble clef motive of planted flowers in front of her tomb. Up front is a monstrous piano with a few manual keys which could play some notes by stepping on them. The piano actually has a sensor that plays Teresa's classic songs when we approached it bringing back memories of yesteryears. According to the keeper there, her body was embalmed for 40 years since her demise in 1995 and will only start to rot after that so she is now still in her perfect condition. From where her memorial park is, we could see an amazing view of valley below and it looks like we could touch the clouds above us! It's well worth a visit if you're a fan of hers like us to thank her for her everlasting songs which will remain classic forever in this world.

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