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Teramachi Street contains one of the main shopping arcades (shotengai) in Kyoto, and after the arcade can be found a street filled with temples (o-tera).

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Why Teramachi Street is special ?

Teramachi-dori is one of the most famous streets in Kyoto city. This street has a variety of characteristics, and a calm ambience. There are many good stores from south of Kyoto City Hall to north of the center of Kyoto. These stores can be both tasteful and traditional, but on the other hand, there are also a number that offer modern styling for Japanese people. University students in Kyoto often go here to shop. There are always many people around on the weekend because there are lots of people from different places, so if you hate crowds you should go on a week day.

Source: http://thekyotoproject.org

What to explore at Teramachi Street?

The western street, known as Teramachi, is an altogether more refined place, with a variety of art galleries, bookshops, and clothing shops. In addition, you’ll find several shops selling religious goods like incense, Buddha images, prayer beads and the like. These shops are a holdover from the 16th century, when the warlord ToyotomiHideyoshi moved many of the city’s temples to Teramachi Street in an effort to control the clergy (the name of the street, Teramachi, literally means “temple town.”

Source: http://www.insidekyoto.com

How to get to Teramachi Street?

Directions (from Kyoto Station)

By bus – Take Bus No. 4, 17, or 205 and get off at “Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae” (Kyoto City Hall). Walk north to the second traffic light in the same direction as the bus. Turn left and walk until the street runs into Teramachi Street. You can see “Ippo-do”, a big tea shop, on the left corner and an art gallery on the right corner. Turn right and the fifth house from the gallery is the Rakyu Club office. Go down the small alley and the first door on the right side is the office. It takes 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

By subway – Take the subway for “Kyoto Kokusai Kaikan” (Kyoto International Conference Hall) and get off at “Marutamachi. Station” Go out of the South Exit 7 onto Karasuma St. and turn left and walk to the first traffic light at Ebisugawastreet. Turn left and walk approximately 300 m until the street runs into Teramachi Street. Cross Teramachi St. and walk 10 meters to the right until you get to a small alley. Go down the alley and the first door on the right side is the office. It takes 10 minutes on foot from the subway station.

By taxi – Please print out the address below and show it to the taxi driver.

46-2, Tokiwagicho, EbisugawaAgaru, Teramachi, Nakagyoku,

Kyoto, Japan, 604-0915

Source: http://teramachi-house.sakura.ne.jp/?page_id=13

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Teramachi Street

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Tips for you

  • The souvenirs are cheaper than in other places, especially Tokyo
  • There are also numerous places to pick up a snack and a drink or even have a full meal in one of the smaller cafe and restaurants. They have many different kinds of shops so you can find whatever you are looking for here.
    Things to do
  • You can buy many uniquely Japanese things, for example, Furoshiki, Noren, Obi and so on. You can buy anything from dresses, accessories, shoes, comics, food as souvenir, kitsuneudon and donuts from Teramachi Street.
  • This long Teramachi street stretches in parallel with Shinkyogoku street, but is located close to Karasuma. It is very close to public transport of all kinds and close to the Gion (Geisha) district.
  • It is in close by Nishiki Market street. Therefore you should make sure your schedule to just find yourself lost in this interesting shopping maze.
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After perusing Nishiki Market (an absolute must-see in Kyto), at its far eastern end, head north in the pedestrian arcade and voila, you're on Teramachi Street. While not as atmospheric as Nishiki, it's still great fun. You'll see shops filled to the brim with exotic sweets ... and you won't have a clue what a single item actually is! You'll notice microscopic, no-name Buddhist temples with spectacularly beautiful altars opening onto Teramachi ... pop in for a deep-breath, you'll likely be the only person there. You'll also see young ladies disappearing behind curtains into mysterious machines called "Impact Face" in cosmetics shops. No idea what happens post-Impact Face! Have fun.

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Teramachi = Lots of shops for good bargains. Chicago, sells new and second-hand clothing. Lots of kimono and yukata and house jackets and accessories on the second floor at very decent prices.

When it is cold, rainy or even sunny outside, it is always a good time to get lost inside Teramachi Street. Shops and more Shops of everything you want and need. And as a tourist and even local have a great time browsing and hanging out in the area. There are also numerous place to pick up a snack and a drink or even have a full meal in one of the smaller cafe and restaurants. It is in close by Nishiki Market street too! Just make sure you schedule an afternoon here to just found yourself lost in this interesting shopping maze!

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