Tenganan Village

Remote Tenganan Manggis Karangasem Regency, Bali Indonesia Published on: 15-03-2016

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Tenganan Village is one of the oldest Balinese Traditional located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. This village is much referred by cultural literature science of Tenganan Pegringsingan.

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Why Tenganan Village is special ?

Tenganan is one of several ancient villages in Bali, which is usually called “Bali Aga”. There are some versions of story telling us the history of Tenganan village. Some say that the word Tenganan was derived from the word “tengah” or “ngatengahang” which means “move to the inner area”.

Bali Aga village means a village that still hold the origin traditions and rules of ancient Balinese and the people living in the village are “Bali Aga,” the original Balinese people. The houses are designed the traditional way, the village people still hold the traditional religious ritual ceremonies, and live the ancient Balinese lifestyle of using every means to keep their lifestyle pure and clean. The Tenganese people who move out of the village are not welcomed back, nor are their spouses if the village people get married to outsiders. Only Bali Aga people are allowed to live here, meaning only those people who were born in this village, and there are around 400 people still living in this small village, which is an hour a ride away from the international airport in Bali.

Source: http://terraceatkuta.com/

What to explore at Tenganan Village?

Tenganan is charming and has some very fascinating authentic traditional festival (ritual dances and gladiator) like Bali Aga of Tenganan often holds the battle between local youths. The people of Tenganan are skilled in the unique technique of weaving, called the 'double ikat', where the belief in the magical power of the fabric is essential in bringing out the beauty of the ikat cloth.

Here you can see the way the true Balinese society live their daily lives through the traditions they hold so dear, untouched by outside cultural influences. Traditional row houses still look very well maintained, as does the village's main town hall. It's a remote village surrounded by hills which makes the air cool and free from pollution.

Source: http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/

How to get to Tenganan Village?

Tenganan, northwest of Candidasa, is situated about 5km from the main road. To get to Tenganan, get a lift up from the main road by ojek; and have a pleasant walk back down to the main road contemplating the intricacies of the Bali Aga culture.

Source: http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/

Selling points

  • Good to see how the Bali Aga lives
  • Remarkable glimpse into the past
  • Traditional Aga Balinese tribe
  • Best place to see the old living balinese life
  • An amazing journey back in time
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Tenganan Manggis Karangasem Regency, Bali Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Don't miss the informations about the art of Double Ikat weaving, that the friendly villagers offer in their homes.
    Things to do
  • There is no entrance fee to Tenganan but a small donation is requested as we enter the village.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You will feel comfortable when visiting this area, for some facilities are available here, like food stalls, good toilets, arts shops and a quite large parking area.
  • It will be nicer to go there with local guide, if you only stroll around and ask few questions to villager who pass by, you don't get the whole idea about how people life there, etc.
  • If you wish to have meal in restaurants or to spend the night near this area, you can go to Candidasa, which is only 3 km from this village.
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We loved getting a glimpse of the real Bali! Thatches roofs. Stone houses. Time standing still - or maybe not, but at least Tenganan is light years away from touristy Bali. We visited in the late morning, just after a huge influx of tourists - so it was blissfully calm and quiet. Villagers were either working in the fields or at work in the village, showing different kind of crafts. We strolled around as we liked it, without a guide. Nobody bothered us. Lots of good memories.

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Bali Aga village is home to Bali's indigenous community and is renowed as a centre for weaving. It is the only place in Indonesia where traditional 'geringsing' cloth is made.

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