Temple Street Night Market

Attraction Temple Street, Hong Kong Published on: 30-07-2016

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Temple Street is well known for its lively night market. A visit to Temple Street will offer you a memorable evening experience in Hong Kong.

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Why Temple Street Night Market is special ?

Temple Street is a street located in the areas of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is known for its night market and one of the busiest flea markets at night in the territory. The night market is in the Yau Ma Tei, Jordan part of the street and not the Mong Kok part of the street.

The liveliest night market in Hong Kong, Temple Street extends from Man Ming Lane in the north to Nanking St in the south and is cut in two by the Tin Hau temple complex. While you may find better bargains further north in New Kowloon, and certainly over the border in Shenzhen, it is still a good place to go for the bustling atmosphere and the smells and tastes on offer from the dai pai dong (open-air street stall) food.

What to explore at Temple Street Night Market?

Temple Street is also often referred to as Men's Street as the area formerly specialized in selling items for men. Nowadays, almost any item can be found here and the street really comes to life after dark.

Hundreds of peddlers appear after sunset along with visitors and customers looking for a good deal. Inexpensive items in the market include electronic products, clothes, jade articles, coins, toys, CDs, music boxes, lighters, ties, jeans, T-shirts, Western-style clothes and leather wares, among others. Visitors often find great buys at bargain prices. The market extends 600 meters (656 yards) along both sides of the road.

Beyond shopping, the market provides entertainment in the form of fortune tellers and traditional Cantonese opera singers. Fortune tellers reveal both the past and future paths of individuals and charge from HKD20 to HKD300. Fortune tellers often speak Chinese, Cantonese, and several languages from English, French, Japanese, Thai to Guilin Dialect and Chaozhou Dialect. The amateur street singers also do their utmost to attract audience. Singers will ask for money after one or two songs.

The street is home to Chinese delicacies-make sure to visit the restaurants and Dai Pai Dong to sample the local favor. The Wonton Noodles, the Clay Pot Rice, Beef Balls and Fish Balls are all worth their weight in gold and they represent Hong Kong's unique food culture.

Source: http://www.travelchinaguide.com/

How to get to Temple Street Night Market?

Temple Street Night Market from the Airport

Have an evening layover in Chep Lap Kok airport and want to enjoy some authentic Hong Kong street shopping and dining? Then a trip from the airport to the Night Market might be right for you.


Take the Airport Express train, which has a platform inside the airport building just part the arrivals hall, and alight at the Tsing Yi station. There change trains to the Tsuen Wan Line going south towards Central but get off the train when it arrives at Jordan MTR Station.

Leave the station via exit A. When you reach street level turn right and walk along Jordan Road for 3 blocks until you reach Temple Street.


Try the A22 Airport CityFlyer bus which leaves from outside the airport at the ground transpiration centre and goes all the way into Kowloon. You'll want to get off at the Shanghai Street stop outside Jordan Mansion, then walk along in the same direction for two blocks to the entrance to Temple Street.

The A21 bus would also work, but takes longer and puts you down at Nathan Hotel stop. You then have to cross the Nathan Road and go down Saigon Street until it intersects with the Night Market, about two blocks.

Source: http://www.temple-street-night-market.hk/how-to-get-to.html#.V5xi1R82vVI

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  • “Night market for souvenir shopping.”
  • “Amazing shopping experience”
  • “Funny and colored ”
  • “Good Food and Shopping”
  • “Great way to spend an evening”
1 day shop, food and culture in Hong Kong

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Temple Street, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • There's lots of street food, restaurants with great variety of Chinese, Japanese & Indian cuisine
  • Price is one of the cheapest among Hong Kong's markets.
  • If you are looking for cheap souvenirs it may be worthwhile.
  • One way to come here is catching the MTR and stop at Jordan station, exit from Exit A
  • If you're feeling adventurous, you can get a palm reading or sing karaoke on the street!
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bargain. hard.. first offer at least -50% off asking price

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always fun, always busy.

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This night market is one of the crown jewels of Kowloon. Vintage posters, flee market finds, and great street food. If you hit up the dark side, you have to come here!

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This famous market is home to all kinds of bargains, including clothes, electronics and curios. Don't be surprised if you see fortune tellers or Cantonese opera singers as you make your way through.

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About two years ago we wrote a comment about the open-air restaurant in Temple street. Actually there are three of these. Starting from Jordan street, the first restaurant is on the first crossing in Temple street ( Nanking Street). We gave it a try on sunday and we were deeply disappointed by the quality of food and the rude and even impolite waitresses. Of course it is very cheap. However we do not like the way they manage their business: example, there are 5 brands of beer on the menu, but they automatically serve only San MIguel ( which is a good beer, but when in Hong Kong, I like to get chinese beer like Tsintao or Blue Girl). Other example : my wife ordered spicy pork, she has got only chunks of Tofu in a sauce without any spicy taste.On the second crossing in Temple street ( Ning Po Street), there are two other restaurants. We never tried the first one, but we like very much the last one. They display a lot of various sea food and prepare it in numerous tasty ways.Unfortunately, the tables and seats that were in the middle of the street were one of the attractive points of this restaurant, and now they are not longer allowed to set these tables like before, prohibited by some official instance for Health and Hygiene....Anyway the food remains as always, excellet and affordable. And the waiters while very busy remain smiling and taking care of your needs and requests.

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The Temple Street Night Market is large, stretching for many blocks; however, the repetition of cheap, seedy, stalls gets old after the first couple. If you love night markets and have plenty of time on your hands, check it out. If you have to be choosy, go to Stanley Market for a classy, well rounded, experience.

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Night markets are always interesting because they offer products at a bargain, if you know how to spot one. It helps to know the price so you don't get 'cheated'. Buyer beware. There are singers n fortune tellers to entertain you and offer to tell your fortune or future if you are interested. Hungry? Various eateries all around. It seems like the people in HK never sleep!

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This night market is one of the crown jewels of Kowloon. Vintage posters, flee market finds, and great street food. If you hit up the dark side, you have to come here!

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