Telok Blangah Hill Park

Attraction 10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Telok Blangah Hill Park is a green and beautiful place for everyone to enjoy outdoor activities and refresh yourself. Make your way to the Terrace Garden at the top of the park where you can take in 360 degree views of Singapore.

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Why Telok Blangah Hill Park is special ?

Telok Blangah Hill Park, now part of the Southern Ridges walk, is known for its Terrace Garden which provides 360 degree views of Singapore. It is also a convenient starting point for those that wish to get to the Henderson Waves bridge. There are numerous paths and lookout points found throughout the park.

What to explore at Telok Blangah Hill Park?

Indulge in the beauty of the secondary forests at the fringes of Telok Blangah Hill Park by trekking the Forest Walk – a 1.3-kilometre-long elevated walkway that links HortPark to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Complete your visit to Telok Blangah Hill Park by crossing the Henderson Waves to Mount Faber Park. This 800-metre-long structure is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, and is frequently visited for its artistic, distinctive wave-like structure consisting of a series of undulating curved 'ribs'.

Another highlight is the Terrace Garden. A popular spot for wedding couples, Terrace Garden consists of a series of semi-circular terraces situated at the top of the park. From here, you will be able to enjoy a breath-taking 360-degree view of Singapore.

Come in the morning or evening, and join the residents of the nearby neighbourhoods for their exercises such as taiqi and jogging. If you are looking for an outdoor picnic, the park is well equipped with picnic tables and shaded by magnificent tall trees such as Eugenia, Alstonia and Rain trees.

Sit back and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and watch the birds, squirrels and butterflies in their natural surroundings.

Aptly themed 'Recapturing the Past Splendour', Telok Blangah Hill Park has a history that few other parks can boast. This park has long been a place of gathering for trading communities since the early nineteenth century. The prosperity of the traders is symbolised by the Alkaff Mansion, an elegant colonial bungalow built by an Arab trader, which used to host grand parties for the social elite.

Telok Blangah Hill Park is part of the Southern Ridges, which also comprises Mount Faber Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. 


How to get to Telok Blangah Hill Park?

To access the park, please either use Depot Road or take bus service no. 273 or 124 to Telok Blangah Street 31.

Selling points

  • A peaceful and quiet park
  • Very good view of Singapore
  • Nice place to exercise and relax
  • A different side of Singapore
  • Tranquil, airy and green
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10 Telok Blangah Green, Singapore 109178

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Tips for you

  • It's worth carrying your own water though there are a few vending machines
  • Catch the MRT to harbourfront and cross the road to find the steps that will take you to the ridge
  • There are toilets at regular intervals and plenty of seating at similar intervals, some with sun/rain protection
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Nice short escape from the city. Ideal place for a evening stroll and breathe in some fresh air. Should start the walk from Alexandra park instead of Mt Faber.. its much better!!!

TripAdvisor View more

Amazing place to go if you want to relax with a view over the business district from behind, can walk up at a leisurely pace in about 15 minutes from HarbourFront MRT, otherwise I think there are semi regular buses going up to the top of mount Faber, the waves are beautiful to walk across

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Perfect for those who want to escape the city and take long walks. Not recommendable for those who are afraid of heights. The best part for me is the Henderson Waves. You have to see it for yourself.

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A thoughtful and well designed walking route across the southern tip of Singapore, the Southern Ridges provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of day to day Singapore. We started from Vivo City - if you want to avoid the first 15 minutes of uphill steps from this location you could easily take a taxi or cable car from the mall to the peak of Mount Faber. Until 11am the steps are largely in the shade. The route is well signposted, easy to follow and provides a wide variety of excellent views and innovative architecture on some of the walkways. The route is divided into distinctive sections allowing those who don't want to walk the whole distance to choose a portion to explore. There are toilets at regular intervals and plenty of seating at similar intervals, some with sun/rain protection. It's worth carrying your own water though there are a few vending machines. By chance we found the Vineyard restaurant in the Hort Park section that we would strongly recommend, see separate review. Due to new construction at the Kent Ridge end of the walk it's not so easy to find the route by the science park to the MRT, it's easy to get directions from passers by if needed.

FourSquare View more

When you're here, don't leave till you checked out the "Forest Walk". Its the most sublime relationship you'll ever encounter with a landscape of plants... try it

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