Tefuye Trail

Attraction Taiwan, 嘉義縣阿里山阿里山公路台18線96.5公里處 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tefuye Trail, located on the Route 18 just a few kilometers past the Alishan Park entrance, is the old railroad logging trail which suitable for all the family.

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Why Tefuye Trail is special ?

The Tefuye trail is quite unique. The full name of Tefuye Historical Trail is Tefuye Zihjhong Mountain Climbing Trail, also known as Shueishan Historical Trial. In the earily period of the Japanese Ruled, this trail was the route used by two well-known Japanese anthropologists, Torii Ryuzo and Mori Ushinosuke, to clib the West Peak of Jade Mountain. Because of this before the operation of Alishan Railway in 1912, Shueishan Historical Trail became the major route taken by mountain climbers in route to challenge the highest mountain in Taiwan. In 1941, the Japanese government developed Shueishan Historical Trail, in the area of Zihjhong, as Zihjhong Branch Line of Shueishan Line of Alishan Railway. The 5.2km long Shueishan Line railway was used to transport cypress lumber down the mountain.

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What to explore at Tefuye Trail?

Tefuye Old Trail is a path used for hunting in the early days, where there are ample resources of animals and botanical resources along the way. The current trail is 6.32 kilometers. It starts on Route 18 (the Alishan road) and walks deep into the forest and then down a long grade into the village of Tefuye. With Fenqihu as the middle point of railways, tourists walk amongst the Old Street as if time has turned back in time. Connective Roads are paths made of little rocks that look just like the mini version of those found in Jioufen, and thus have earned the name as “Jioufen in Southern Taiwan.”

Source: http://www.welcome2taiwan.net/

How to get to Tefuye Trail?

Drive along Chiayi County Road 169 towards Dabang and Tefuye and, after passing under Tefuye’s village arch, take a right turn and the trail will come into view.

Source: http://www.ali-nsa.net/

Selling points

  • Well maintained and very clear
  • Beautiful tall trees and fresh mountain air
  • Great to walk along the old rail tracks
  • Magical and tranquil lush green forest
  • Perfect place for great photos
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Taiwan, 嘉義縣阿里山阿里山公路台18線96.5公里處

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Tips for you

  • You should bring food and water as there's no food stall on the trail. There are some makeshift tables and chairs at the 3.7 km stop where you can have lunch and make some tea.
    What to bring
  • From the second half of the trail which veers off from the rail line, and down into the valley, it's pretty steep so be careful.
  • At the trail entrance, there is a "bear warning" sign, so be careful if you're alone on this trail.
  • If you don't want to walk the entire 6.32 km, or don't have a car waiting for you at Tefuye village, you can stop and rest at the 3.7 km stop.
    Things to do
  • There is pleny of signage on the trail. It's very clear and hard to get lost.
    What to know


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Along the way are lots of high tree, visit in summer is really very comfortable. From the entrance to the 3.7 km stop is not too steep or difficult journey, it is suitable for family trekking.

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