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Shopping M.N. Boracay Lodge Inn Zone 7 Road B, Balabag, (In Front of D'Talipapa Market) Boracay Island, Malay Aklan Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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D'Talipapa is one place that you should not miss when you're visiting Boracay. Talipapa is a Tagalog (Filipino) word synonymous to Palengke, which means wet market.

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Why Talipapa Market is special ?

The most popular among the “WET MARKET” in Boracay is what we called “D’TALIPAPA” where you can buy your fresh fish, meat and meat products, veggies, and more. All the things you need to prepare a sumptous meal are in this place.

D’Talipapa wet market is popular with the type of meal that you yourself will choose the ingredients of your meal and have it cooked in the nearby reaturants for you commonly known as “PALUTO”. The restaurant will only charge for the cooking of your food.

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What to explore at Talipapa Market?

To tourists, D'Talipapa is a haven if they're looking for souvenir items that they can bring back home, and if they want to eat fresh seafood and have them cooked in nearby restaurants that accept cooking service. To the locals, it is a good place to find cheaper grocery items and fast food restaurants, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Seafood, Seafood, Seafood

If you have been longing to eat fresh seafood while you're in Boracay, your best bet is the wet market in D'Talipapa. There you can find a wide array of seafood. Whether you want a 700-grammer lobster, a 100-grammer prawn, shrimps of different species, crabs, squid, clams, shells, oysters, scallops, and fish of different kinds, you will all find them here in D'Talipapa's wet market.

You may choose from any of the restaurants offering cooking service before you buy seafood. (Of course, you can buy seafood first then choose a restaurant). By choosing the restaurant first, a table will be reserved for you so you'll be seated after making your purchases.

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How to get to Talipapa Market?

What's the fuss about D'Talipapa? Why should you go there? D'Talipapa, situated in Station 2, can be both accessed via the Main Road (the road between Boracay Holiday Resort and Hennan Lagoon Resort) and White Beach (the alley between Zucherro Cafe and Taste of Moon Restaurant, or the small pathway beside Victory Diver's Resort).

Source: http://boracaystories.com

Selling points

  • Best shopping in boracay
  • Buy all your souvenirs here
  • A great place for shopping
  • You have to be King / Queen of bargaining to enter
  • A fresh Seafood Market
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M.N. Boracay Lodge Inn Zone 7 Road B, Balabag, (In Front of D'Talipapa Market) Boracay Island, Malay Aklan Philippines

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Tips for you

  • You can buy your own FRESH seafood and have them cooked at the restaurants within the market at a nominal price.
    Things to do
  • Talipapa market is etween Boracay Main Road and White Beach, Aklan Province, Philippines
  • There is a fresh fish market , you have to bargain for everything you buy.
  • You should compare with restaurant where the cooking charge and service is already included.
  • Nelia's restaurant is pretty small but the food is amazing.
  • Some restaurants are not in good condition


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Does not cater as much to the tourists as D'Mall does, but still a place for tourists. Lots of little restaurants and shops, as well as the wet market selling seafood and meat. Meat stalls are closed in the evenings. Try some caramelised BBQ'd banana while you're there!

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