Takinoo Shrine

Attraction Japan, 〒321-1431 Tochigi-ken, Nikkō-shi, Sannai, 栃木県日光市山内2310-1 Published on: 27-02-2016

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The Takino Shrine is one of those small Japanese shrines where one can truly find inner peace. It is located very close from a lovely waterfall.

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Why Takinoo Shrine is special ?

Takino'o Shrine was built by Priest Kobo. Buddhist priests who train themselves by enduring ascetic practices made a pilgrimage to Takino’o Shrine until the beginning of the Meiji Era. The Takino Shrine is one of those small Japanese shrines where one can truly find inner peace. Located north of Nikko’s most popular and busy historical site, it is within an easy walk from the more crowded Futarasan shrine. It is also located very close from a lovely waterfall.

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How to get to Takinoo Shrine?

Follow the Takino'o Path will lead you to the shrine. This walking route starts from Shinkyo Sacred Bridge and goes around Toshogu Shrine , Futarasan Shrine , and Rinnoji Temple. Takino’o Shrine is in the north along the Inari-gawa River.

Selling points

  • Nikko's hidden gem
  • Nice Walk Through The Forest
  • Nice short hike with many interesting sights
  • Ancient stone-paved path
  • Very scenic and peaceful
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Japan, 〒321-1431 Tochigi-ken, Nikkō-shi, Sannai, 栃木県日光市山内2310-1

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Tips for you

  • It's advisable to bring snacks and drinks.
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  • It's better to wear sturdy shoes.
    What to wear
  • The shrine has a lot of neat cultural monuments, like a "birthing" stone that people put coins on for good luck in getting pregnant and having a child.
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Most of the grand temples at Nikko are down at the base of the hill, easily accessible. This shrine, by contrast, is tucked up a not unsubstantial climb on a stone path. The path is old and not the smoothest of walks, and I expect during rainy or snowy times it could be quite treacherous. So be warned, to see this shrine on foot from the main park requires a commitment. (You can find the access road that cuts up along the NE side of the park and save some walking, if you want. That feels a little like cheating to me, but when I am ten years older I may embrace this idea.) That being said, the walk up and down is quiet, and uncluttered with tour groups. My wife and I had the path to ourselves for over an hour. When you finally get there - and that in itself is a trick - you have a lovely space int he trees to yourself. Quiet, mossy, serene...all the things you would expect in your fantasy of Japanese temples and shrines. The path up is a loop, and if you come up on the southern side, you'll arrive at a high spot with a very small shrine perched on a knob. This is not the end of your walk. Continue past it and down into the valley on the other side, and then bear to your left. You'll keep walking for a bit, coming to a stream and another set of steps up. Follow these for another ten or so minutes and you will find the shrine.

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