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Attraction Jeju-do, South Korea Published on: 13-11-2015

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The first of these walking paths opened in September 2007. As of March 2009, some 13 walking paths had been completed, 12 main paths and one “alpha” path.

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Why Take a walk on the 'Olle' side is special ?

The first of these walking paths opened in September 2007. As of March 2009, some 13 walking paths had been completed, 12 main paths and one “alpha” path. The walking paths collectively stretch to a length of approximately 216km. The olle are paths that have developed naturally over the years. They have been connected to each other using minimal human intervention. Depending on the pace of the individual or group, each route will take roughly four to six hours. Walking along these small paths that take you through the mountains and along the coast is the best way to experience the unique, startling beauty of Jeju Island.

What to explore at Take a walk on the 'Olle' side?

Jeju Olle Trail design is incredibly diverse, taking you through towns, homes, single track, beaches, forests, mountains, farms, and historical sites.

Trail is a journey of a long line. You can reveal the interior of Jeju walking on Jeju Olle Trail which you can’t do from short sojourns in dots. Until you walk around the beautiful island of Jeju and are fascinated by hidden and unexplored regions in the hilly and mountainous areas and small islands, the routes in Jeju Olle Trail continue to lead you.

On average, each Jeju Olle Trail is 10-18 kilometers in length and offers a unique opportunity to soak in the beauty of the Jeju coastline that varies rapidly from lowlands to highlands and back to lowlands again. These quick shifts in topography allow walkers to enjoy farmland and forests, grasses and palm trees, fresh water ponds and ocean vistas, waterfalls and cliffs, often all on a single journey. Almost all the planned walks are estimated to take between 4 and 8 hours to complete. There are absolutely no route fees. Jeju Olle Trail, filled with beautiful oceans, Oreums(small inactive volcanoes), stone walls, Gotjawal(dense forest), evergreen field in four seasons and peaceful villages, is the most beautiful and peaceful path in the world. It is open to everyone. Walk on this path and become one with the nature of the path as much as you like quietly. Unloose all wounds and complex thoughts in your heart on this path.

Source: http://www.jejuolle.org/

How to get to Take a walk on the 'Olle' side?

For those who visit Jeju Olle Trail, a public transportation guidebook to the Jeju Olle Trail is published by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. You can pick up the booklet at following places.

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center at the Jeju International Airport (In front of arrival gate on the 1st floor)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 1 (Entrance of Malmi Oreum)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 4 (Pyoseon Haevichi Beach)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 5 (Namwon Pogu)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 6 (Sojeongbang Fall)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 10 (Hwasun Golden Sand Beach)

Jeju Olle Trail Information Center on Route 11 (Hamo Sports Park)

Jeju Olle Trail Office (Near Seogwipo Dongmun Rotary, Seogwi-dong 252-29, 2nd floor)

Source: http://www.jejuolle.org/

Selling points

  • The essence of Jeju-do
  • A respite from the urban jungle
  • Definitely must-do
  • Mystery of or gift from the mother nature
  • A beautiful, serene, perfect for a day out with friends or alone
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Jeju-do, South Korea

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Tips for you

  • You should bring along your own water, snacks and food energy. you also should bring a camera, some sights are worth capturing and bring a phone because your GPS can be helpful in estimating your location.
    What to bring
  • The river-side path has toilets and emergency rescue equipment ( life buoy, life vest, rope). Inaddition, some convenience facilities can be found at the beginning or end of each path
  • You should wear proper walking shoes.
    What to wear
  • There are huts and platforms that serve as resting areas


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“Must do” If you enjoy nature, hiking one of the olle trails is a must-do while you're in jeju. It will not be an easy hike and not all parts of the trail are scenic but there are sufficient sights to blow you away and be left in awe of nature. This is also the best way to experience jeju's natural beauty (after all this is what its most famous for and not for teddy bears). It is also arguably the least touristy thing to do during your trip here. You can do as long or as short of the trails as you like; there are trails passing through hot tourist destinations where you'll see many tourist buses, local villages, rice fields, even resorts. You'll walk on sand, on rocks by the ocean, and if you time it correctly you'll be able to catch a gorgeous sunset along jeju's coastline. Be sure not to get stuck in a remote area after sunset as it can be difficult to get out. If you're doing a multi-day hike, there are many pensions located along the olle routes and you can just pop in for a night. Suggest to go with at least one other person in case you get lost (there are some places where the markings are not so visible/well maintained). If you rented a car, dont drive. Wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of water and snacks!

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