Taipei Confucius Temple

Attraction 275 Dalong Street | Datong District, Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

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Located in the old part of Taipei, the Datong District is the Taipei Confucius Temple. It is modeled after the original Confucius Temple from Shandong Province in mainland China. If you don’t know who Confucius is, he is probably the most influential ancient Chinese philosopher of all time.

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Why Taipei Confucius Temple is special ?

Confucius Temple is the symbol of Chinese Confucian culture. Located in Dalong Street, so called Dalongdong, Taipei Confucius Temple was established in 1875. The temple holds ceremony on September 28, the birthday of Confucius, to commemorate Teachers’ Day. The ceremony follows the ancient ritual since Ming Dynasty. The display of music and dance, known as “display –presentation ceremony”, are in the veneration of Confucius.

Confucius was the Grand Master. His influence of education is important to Chinese, as well as the Chinese culture. Area of 13,777 square meters, Taipei Confucius Temple was built as the original temple in Qu Fu, Shantung. The Temple shows the art of architecture, the beams, columns, windows and doors are plain without carving, appearing the modest and humble of Confucianism. Confucius Temple is part of Dalongdong Culture Area, and it is not only a heritage, the venue for Confucianism broadcasting, but also an attraction for tourists.


What to explore at Taipei Confucius Temple?

When you walk through the first gate (Lingxing Gate) across from the pond, head to the far back left and look up for a delightful ceramic relief of a boy holding a lantern: the lantern actually dangles out from the panel! Other gorgeous panels of vases with blooming flowers are across the courtyard on the Yi Gate. Inside the main hall (Dacheng Hall) look for a magnificent plafond ceiling.

Confucius' birthday is celebrated on 28 September with a ceremony (starting at 6am) presided over by the mayor of Taipei. It's a colourful event and tickets, which go on sale at the temple about five days in advance, always sell out.


How to get to Taipei Confucius Temple?

By Bus:

1. Take bus route 2, 41, 215, 246, 288, 669, 811, red 33(紅33) to Dalongdong Baoan Temple(大龍峒保安宮).


1. Take MRT to Yuanshan Station(圓山捷運站) (Exit #2), the Confucius temple is about 10 minutes’ walk in the direction of Kulun Street(庫倫街).

By Car:

1. National Highway No.1(國道一號), exit Chongching north rd offramp(重慶北路交流道), drive along Chongching north rd till sect.3(重慶北路3段), turn left onto Jiuchuan street(酒泉街), drive till you reach Kulun street(庫倫街) to reach the temple


Selling points

  • “A peaceful space”
  • “Tranquility in a sea of urban chaos”
  • “Peaceful and Calm Temple”
  • “Impressive architecture”
  • “Tranquil grounds”
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275 Dalong Street | Datong District, Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • There is a "passport" type notebook that you need to put a stamp on when you go inside each room.
    What need to do
  • The temple is easy to find from the MRT
  • Each room has activities that you can do. Participate.
    Things to do
  • When you look around, try to be conscious of the stone carvings. They are magnificent
    What to see
  • Try to get there on the birthday of Confucius on September 28, see exhibitions on classical Qing and Chinese culture and get a sense of who Confucius was and what his influence is today
  • A few MRT stops from the National Palace museum and Shilin Night Market, which means its easy to plan a full day in this area.
  • Make use of the leaflets at the gate. Read it right away so you'll know how to begin the "journey."
  • During the week, it can become a haven for those seeking a bit of solitude in the bustling activity of the city of Taipei. .
  • It closes Monday
  • If you go try and get there before 4pm.
  • The temple is located inside an enclosure which includes two gardens.
  • Keep in mind that the Confucius Temple is right next to the Baoan Temple, so you could check them both out on the same trip.
    Things nearby
  • There are also parks and 1 more temple right near by.
    Things nearby


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When I was planning our trip to Taipei, this was the first on the list of places to visit. I've always loved Confucius' works and while this is just a replica of the original temple in China, I still wanted to see how the wise man lived and wrote his teachings. - The information online says that this is a "modest" temple but it doesn't mean it's small. - You may need at least half a day to really immerse yourself into Confucius' life. - Make use of the leaflets at the gate. Read it right away so you'll know how to begin the "journey." - There is a "passport" type notebook that you need to put a stamp on when you go inside each room. - Follow the leaflet's instructions on how to go about the tour. Don't just wander around. There is a process on how you can further appreciate the tour. There is a certain order on which room to go first. - The place is vast so you may need to stop for a while to rest. There are people who are in groups but I suggest you go on your own. Meditate. This is a good place to meditate. - Don't confuse the first structure to the real one. The temple is further inside. So save your energy. - When you look around, try to be conscious of the stone carvings. They are magnificent and I was just in awe of the details. - Don't miss the trees and the small garden. When I was there, I saw an artist doing her watercolor under the shade of a tree. - Each room has activities that you can do. Participate. - Read the explanations in each room. There are information on rituals, teachings, and other stuff. - There are also centuries-old items like glass, vase, etc. But they are well-kept. - After your tour, just sit somewhere and look around you. Some locals are friendly and a good chat would be good.

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Nice temple atmosphere

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Leran about confusius and read before you go to this temple. It is a quit area and not that busy wirh people

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Being part of what Taiwan is, the Temple is always a refuge for people with their dreams, wants, hopes and everything one has to be thankful for. At the end of the day, any national finds time to pass by and pay well as tourists...for having this chance to experience what it is to be a citizen of the world. It is a communion with the people that makes one's travel meaningful.

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By the time we had come to visit the Confucius Temple I had believed that I had seen enough religious sites, but this was different. Quieter, with lots of interactive material to help you understand the philisophy and history. Nice shop. Outside we were lucky enough to witness a religious ceremony. We were alerted to it by the sound of crackers. Very colourful.

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