Taipei Children's Recreation Center

Attraction No.66, Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan Published on: 13-11-2015

2 hours 30 mins
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
02:00 PM
04:30 PM
First-time visit
Kids Friendly
Theme Park
1.00 USD

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Taipei Children's Recreation Center is located in former Taipei Yuanshan Zoo and Children’s Amusement Park. Area of 9.8 hectares, this is a destination for school excursions and outdoor activities.

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Why Taipei Children's Recreation Center is special ?

Taipei Children's Recreation Center is located in former Taipei Yuanshan Zoo and Children’s Amusement Park. On the northeast of Taipei basin, the Center is a peak to overlook Taipei City and an ideal place for leisure. Area of 9.8 hectares, Taipei Children's Recreation Center is a destination for school excursions and outdoor activities. Yuanshan Site Exhibition is one part of the Center that shows Taipei basin model, excavation pit model, stone tools, bone tools, jade ornaments, pottery and shards. Taipei Children's Recreation Center is divided into 3 regions: Folk Arts World, Amusement World, and Science World. Folk Arts World presents the living of our ancestors. The Amusement World offers recreational activities and facilities for children and teenagers. Science World introduces science knowledge by exhibitions and 3D vision theater. The 3 regions show the 3 different themes: folklore, amusement and science. The center is a provider of both education and amusement. On holidays, Folk Arts World invites folk artists to demonstrate Chinese craft making and perform puppet play and shadowgraph. It is now halting operations for 17 months to preparing the 2010 Taipei International Flower Exhibition.


What to explore at Taipei Children's Recreation Center?

Drop Tower:

Hou Hou jungle tree house (free fall), jungle tree house in the shape of the cockpit can be up and down, to experience the thrill of freefall speed.

Crazy Bus:

Bus to camouflage maneuver lifting occurs when the Formosan black bear holding his arms raised to the highest point move.

Ocean Carousel:

marine organisms for vehicle styling music carriage, there are a variety of marine life above the painted patterns of Taiwanese waters, in order to increase awareness of children's education.

Swing Ship:

Treasure Ship (pirate ship), wood-made ancient warships shape, with about swinging high to the sky, to experience the excitement of centrifugal force.

Ferris Wheel:

Set on the 3rd floor of the fantasy forest and dream ocean, Ferris wheel diameter of 40 meters and has 27 cockpits, the main landmarks of our park. Cars painted in 12 samples of Taiwan fruit theme, bird's-eye views of the Taipei basin can be seen when riding.


Around the park is Monorail, running with sweeping views of the trip

Wave Swinger:

The eight planets orbiting the sun rotating themed radiation flying chairs, painted chairs to the shape of each planet, the centrifugal force of rotation, such as exposure to the mysterious atmosphere of the Galaxy!

Dancing Fly:

Dragon boat improved version, with four cute dragons chasing each other as the theme of the tilt wheel can rotate 360 degrees, more fun and more exciting.

Spinning Chairs:

To fly off the ship imagery theme (unique shape), surrounded by small flying UFO cockpits, chairs spiral when the turntable swings up and down.


How to get to Taipei Children's Recreation Center?


Take MRT to Yuanshan MRT Station(捷運圓山站) and walk 5 mins to center.

By Bus :

Take bus route 203, 218, 220, 260, 277, 279, 310, 40, 42, 612 to Yuanshan stop(圓山站) directly.

By Car:

National Highway No.1(國道一號) exit Yuanshan offramp(圓山交流道), drive along Zhongshan North Rd(中山北路) to reach center.

Selling points

  • Nice place to go with young children
  • Great place for hang out
  • Good for kid's development
  • Good service, friendly staffs
  • Clean and well-maintained
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No.66, Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • You should visit the official website to get more information.
  • There is no barbecue area within the park, please do not bring any BBQ or camping equipment.
  • No smoking allowed on the premises. No eating or drinking when using the facilities.
  • Do not climb onto any facilities or enter staff-only areas without explicit staff permission.
  • Sat. & summer/winter vacation: 09:00-20:00; Consecutive holidays (except the last day): 09:00-20:00.
  • 20. Please follow staff instructions and leave the park within 30 minutes of closing.
  • Customers should take good care of important personal belongings. There are lockers at the Taipei Children's Amusement Park available for storage. We are not responsible for any lost or missing belongings.
  • Kids should be accompanied by adults.
  • Pregnant women, visitors under the influence of alcohol, medication or suffering from high/low blood pressure, spinal diseases (such as neck or spinal injuries), poor physical condition or cardiovascular diseases are not permitted on the ride.
  • Children under the age of 6; Taiwanese Indigenous persons aged 55 or over and holding household registrations in Taipei City; Senior citizens aged over 65; Disabled individuals (with certification) plus one companion; Volunteers awarded honorary voluntary service cards; Elementary school students holding digital student EasyCards issued by the Taipei City Government (private school use general student ID).
  • Parking lot is available.
  • Group Ticket - over 30 people - 30% off on total price of each person.
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Taipei Children's Recreation Park is at truly lovely space that children truly love. I worked as an Au Pair for a little while and this was one f the children's absolute favourite places to visit. Taipei Children's Recreation Park has all of the elements of fairytale is its aethetic and the story that forms the backbone for a lot of the activities in Taipei Children's Recreation Park. The Taipei Children's Recreation Park has three different areas with three different themes. Inside the Taipei Children's Recreation Park, there is a "World of Yesterday," "World of Tomorrow," and a "World of Amusement". "World of Yesterday" visually incorporates elements from the Taiwanese and Cantonese design. "World of Tomorrow" includes an IMAX cinema. The "World of Amusement," is basically a ferris wheel. This is a great place for kids to visit because there are lots of different ways for them to interact with the space.

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While the Recreation Center houses different themed parks, we visited the Amusement World, where the rides were. We traveled the to Center by Taipei's MRT. A search in the Internet would reveal ways to get there. After hopping off the train, the walk to the entrance took about 10 minutes. Entrance fee to the Center cost TWD30 per adult. It was a weekday morning, and there were very few people. Rides meant for young children were spaced out within the Amusement World's compound. There was also a children outdoor play area and a simple maze which toddlers would enjoy running about in. Older children and young adults would find the park boring. While there were a wide variety of rides, they were slow moving and very safe. A few snack shops in the park served up popcorn, ice-creams, drinks and the likes. The rides were in working condition, but a noticeable few had lost their lustre. In one area of the attraction, technicians repairing broken rides doubled up as ride operators. The lack of crowd allowed us to wander around and try out the rides at a very leisurely pace. It felt a little odd - to be in a themed park that was quiet, but the benefits far outweighed the loss of a typical themed park atmosphere.

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