Taboan Public Market

Shopping Pahina Central, Cebu City, Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tabo-an Public Market Famous for the wide variety of dried fish. Flower pots from tires as well as from clay pots are also available.

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Why Taboan Public Market is special ?

Taboan Public Market is known for its wide range of dried fish displays. It is one of the busiest and most famous markets in Cebu, and its popularity can be blamed on all the danggit that Cebuano vendors diligently sell here. If you fancy dry fish then this is the ultimate place to head to in Cebu.

Known as danggitis very popular in Cebu.Taboan’s prices is relatively cheaper as compared to those being sold in malls and supermarkets. Aside from the cheaper price, you can always haggle with the vendors for a lower selling price. Besides the dried fish you can also find other goods sold here at bargain prices. Address: Pahina Central, Cebu City, Philippines.


What to explore at Taboan Public Market?

Danggit is a thin kind of salted dried fish that is also referred to as rabbitfish or spinefoot fish in English. It's coined by many as a “poor man's food”, but truth is lots of rich people, whether local or foreigner, also crave for such a delicacy. This Cebuano pride is best eaten when freshly fried and paired with some hot rice. Don't forget to dip it into spicy vinegar and use your own hands while eating to have a great danggit dining experience!

One kilo of danggit in Taboan usually costs around 450 pesos, but of course, you can always haggle with the market's vendors to buy the delicacy at a lower price. Aside from danggit, Taboan sells other tasty and fresh seafood treats from Bantayan Island, which is considered as the seafood capital of Cebu. Some of the dried seafood displayed in the market include dried squid, dried shrimp, fish tapa, and fish tocino.

Although Cebu's danggit and other dried seafood can be easily bought at supermarkets and department stores, you always have a wider and cheaper range of choices when buying in Taboan Public Market. This is why it's a normal scene already to see lots of tourists going to Taboan just to buy dried danggit as pasalubong. Speaking of pasalubong, you can also find dried mangoes, otap, chicharon, and other famous Cebu delicacies in this frequently visited public market.


How to get to Taboan Public Market?

If you come from the downtown area, particularly Colon, you can ride 08G (Alumnos-bound) jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at Taboan. From the jeepney's drop-off point, you then have to ride a trisikad going to Taboan proper.

Selling points

  • The best dried fish market
  • Great buys at reasonable prices.
  • Heart of Dried Fish in Cebu
  • Amazing sights here
  • Great Place for Pasalubong
A great 2 day trip to Cebu with my parents

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Pahina Central, Cebu City, Philippines

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Tips for you

  • The best place to buy your pasalubong...a little bit cheaper than in supermarket. You should come here if you are looking to buy like at least 2 kilos of dried fish. Learn to speak Cebuano if you ask for the price and you find it expensive just tell 'mahala uy' then ask for discounts and tell ' pwde hangyo' i also notice kalesa is still in use.
  • If someone asked you to eat a suha sample and it has sweet taste, don't be fooled and buy Suha when it has peeled skin already. It's not fresh anymore.
  • Too much strange people moving around here so be sure your belongings are ok There’s beggars though so you should learn to say "no" because if you opt to give some to one more would come to you.
  • You can always haggle with the vendors for a lower selling price. Place this as the last stop for your day, because the smell will stick to your clothes
  • You only need to ride any public vehicles that has a signboard of "TABO-AN", it's easy to know that you are near in this market when you started to smell dried fish


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Buying dried goods for pasalubong? Go to Tabo-an Market at Nino & Khristy Store! Yummy Chorizo at 180 & Dried Danggit at 700/kg! Yum! Dont forget the Dried Mangos

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my suki IMB DRIED FISH DEALER ......for shamrock otap, guadalupe dried mangoes, danggit & pusit! bittter-sweet cacao, shirts, guitars & all types of Cebu souvenir items (Tel No 261-1788)

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December 7, 2012.After our visit to Magellan's Cross, we hailed a jeepney just across the street P7.50 each.I read about the prices before going to Tabo-an. It's a bit pricey on December. Their reason? It's not season yet. But if you have the will and know the "art of haggling" you can buy MORE with your money.Danggit 470/kiloDried Pusit (small) 600/kiloDried Tocino 400/kiloFish Tapa 300/kiloDried Mangoes 3 (100g) for 100 (Philippine brand)Peanut Kisses 7pcs of 20g P100I bought a total of P3000 (8 kilos) my free was a 1/4kilo of different dried fish ;){They offered to seal the dried fish, comes with a fully sealed box}Tip: if someone asked you to eat a suha sample and it has sweet taste, don't be fooled and buy Suha when it has peeled skin already. It's not fresh anymore.Taxi: P70 10mins from Taboan to our hotel (Crown Regency Fuente-Osme単a)

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We were there about 25 minutes and we smelled---our hair, our clothes, everything. When we walked into our hotel, one look at our sealed box and the concierge said, "dried fish!" It wasn't a question. No arguments and they stored it away in their storage room until the day we checked out. If you plan to go somewhere else after Taboan Market, pick a place where you won't get thrown out:)))

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This is the place to be if you are lookind for Danggit and other dried fish.

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