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.Ta Nei was built under King Jayavarman VII in the late 12th century. Some scholars believe that the temple was constructed as a hospital.

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Why Ta Nei temple is special ?

Ta Nei temple in Cambodia is one of the smaller Angkor temples and was built under Jayavarman VII in the late 12th century in the Buddhist style. The temple is located some 14km from Siem Reap and 4.5 km from Angkor Wat within the main UNESCO archaeological park just to the North of Ta Keo temple. For tourists Ta Nei temple highlights include the increasingly rare opportunity to explore an ancient ruined temple untroubled by Angkor crowds or local vendors.

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What to explore at Ta Nei temple?

It seems to not many people here. Even for some local people, this temple seems to be strange with them. It makes Ta Nei temple becomes a remote stop which still remains its tranquility and original architecture. You can walk around the temple to take photos as much as you can without being annoyed by other people or just simply sit down and enjoy how peaceful this temple is.

How to get to Ta Nei temple?

When you leave your transport it will probably be at the 90 degree bend in the road between Ta Prohm and Ta Keo. There are clean restrooms here. Walk along the track keeping the restrooms to your right. Shortly you will come to a fork in the track. Take the RIGHT hand side track. The left hand one leads to Ta Keo. Walk around the twisting track for approx 900 metres and you will come to a wooden sign on the right indicating Ta Nei Temple is 315 metres away. Turn right at the sign.

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Selling points

  • A hidden gem
  • Great temple for photo lovers
  • A quiet temple
  • What a special temple!
  • It's well worth a visit
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Tips for you

  • Travel from Siem Reap to Ta Nei temple around 14km (23 minutes by car, 30 minutes by Tuk Tuk or an hour and a half by bike) either via Srah Srang and Ta Prohm or through Angkor Thom and the Victory gate.


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I was just searching if there's already a link for a review for Ta Nei. I'm surprised I couldn't find one! It was one of my favorite temples around the area! There were absolutely no one there, just me and my Tuk Tuk driver, who was reluctant to take me at first, because of the bad road conditions. But when we got there, he was just as excited as I was, because it was his first time there too! Next time I'm going to pack a lunch to picnic there!

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