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Activity Taman Sampoerna 6 Surabaya Jawa Timur 60163 Indonesia Published on: 01-07-2016

09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
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The Surabaya Heritage is a free bus tour which is run from the House of Sampoerna. The bus travels through "old" Surabaya as the guide on board explains

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Why Surabaya Heritage Tour is special ?

The Surabaya Heritage Tour program comprises a tour around North of Surabaya or also known as Old Surabaya on a city sightseeing bus. Using a bus that is modeled after the tram that once roamed across the city in the past, so-called history trackers can enjoy and get to know the buildings and history of Surabaya, which is well-known as the city of history, learn the "Babad Surabaya" traditional history, the rich culture and obtain information about other interesting places to visit in Surabaya. The Surabaya Heritage Tour also offer a special tour in important days like public holidays of Indonesia.


What to explore at Surabaya Heritage Tour?

If you are interesting in heritage tour, you must try heritage tour in Surabaya. You can join in a free city tour managed by House of Sampoerna, or taking an in sight excursion in Hotel Majapahit.

I't's an excellent trip for who want to know more about the history and the old town of Surabaya. The guide is nice, good knowledgeable person. You will see beautiful colonial and heritage buildings and are told the stories behind it.

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  • “Excellent free tours”
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  • “Free & enjoyable”
  • “The most well-maintained heritage tour"
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A five day round trip of Surabaya

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5.0 days
92.31 USD
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20 places




Taman Sampoerna 6 Surabaya Jawa Timur 60163 Indonesia

Meeting point

Agency Office

Plan a trip to Surabaya based on your personalized interests.

Tips for you

  • It was a good trip and must thing to do, especially for urban adventure, heritage and architecture lover!
  • These tours are operated for free
    Ticket and Pricing
  • There are many tour package for choosing. Do check in advance which interest you!
    Things to do
  • Do not forget that one has to register before to get on the bus ! It can be done in the building at the right of the Museum !
    Things to do
  • All tours depart from House of Sampoerna


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Surabaya Heritage Trail tours are free tours run by the local Surabaya City Government, who created the tour as a means to highlight and educate visitors regarding Surabaya's history and architecture and "cultural reserves". The tours start outside House of Samporna and are usually full so you might need to book a few hours ahead. Several different tours are offered. Some focus on "Surabaya - The Heroes City" (including a visit to the Heroes Monument), others on "Surabaya - The Trading City" (with stops at Hok Ang Kiong Temple and Escompto Bank). Another explores "Surabaya during The Dutch Occupation" (Kebonrojo Post Office - Kepanjen Church - Ex. De Javasche Bank). Longer versions of each tour are run on the weekend. As we visited in February, just after the Chinese New Year, our tour was a special "Lunar tour" featuring "Pagodas of Surabaya" and around Surabaya's Chinatown. We visited two temples: Klenteng Boen Bio - an incredibly old temple intricately wrapped up in Surabaya's local Chinese community's history, dedicated to Confucius - and Hok An Kiong Chinese Temple (Klenteng Jalan Coklat), the oldest Chinese Temple in Surabaya. We enjoyed the tour and would definitely try another one on a return trip to Surabaya :)

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This is a free bus tour which is run from the House of Sampoerna. The bus travels through "old" Surabaya as the guide on board explains (in Bahasa and English) the significance of various buildings and places.

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Nice people different yammy food.Less crouded than jakartha.And also traffic very smooth.Hot weather but its ok.a lot historical places

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