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Attraction Suối Giàng, Yên Bái, Việt Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Suoi Giang Commune is situated on the height of 1,200-2,000 m above the sea level, 20km from Nghia Lo Town. This site is home to age-old tea trees.

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Why Suoi Giang Commune is special ?

Suoi Giang Commune in Van Chan District enjoys a cool climate all year round. The favourable geography, terrain and weather conditions have been the key to the development of tea trees which produce the well-known shan tuyet variety.

The latest figures show that Suoi Giang is home to 393 hectares of land planted to tea, three-fourths of them with ancient roots.

In the 1960s, Dr M. Djemmukhatze of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences visited Suoi Giang and concluded that its tea had the most unique flavor. At that time, the commune had nearly 40,000 ancient tea trees aged from 200 to 300 years.


What to explore at Suoi Giang Commune?

According to local people, mostly from the H’Mong ethnic group, the fresh buds still retain their natural scent, plumpness, sheen and an outer layer of whitish fuzz after these are manually processed, so they are called shan tuyet.

For ages, they have viewed the ancient tea as a rare, valuable, and healthy herb, with a liquid as yellow as forest honey instead of green, like other tea brands. The smooth blend of all of its elements makes the brew one of the finest natural drinks in the country.


Selling points

  • A heaven on earth
  • For photo lovers
  • Stunning view over the field
  • A green surface of tea
  • Friendly local people
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Suối Giàng, Yên Bái, Việt Nam

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